How to Be a Good Parent -Tips and Guidance For New Parents

Parenting is a tough job and first time parents often feel under immense pressure to bring up their child perfectly. By perfectly we mean, to make them understand basic values and give them proper guidance . No child is perfect, they are unique and should have different hobbies and inclinations. Parents often find it hard to keep their children disciplined and feel that it is a difficult job to keep them away from the negative attitudes. But actually, kids learn more values if they see the samebeing followed by their parents. Here’s a few tips we wanted you to know, so that you know how to be a good parent .

How To Be a good Parent :

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#1 Love Your Baby :

It’s important for your child to know that they are loved and that even if they are not perfect you will love them. The importance of a physical relationship , a touch of love from parents mean a lot to the child. Casual hugging or kissing your child makes them aware of the fact that they are being loved.

If your child does something good, appreciate it and hug him. If your child fails to do any thing , even though you expected him to do it, don’t show your anger. Let them know you will love them even if they fail , by hugging and appreciating their efforts.

#2 Make Playtime Fun

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You will want to make their playtime fun by introducing new games and activities. But instead of letting your child know the rules of the game , make them make up their own game.  Go with the flow and make the game more fun for him/ her. make it your pass time too , so that you don’t do it as a chore or Job.

#3 Know Their Problems

It’s really necessary for your child to be open with you. You would want to be friendly with your child and hear out your child . It’s necessary that your children find it easy to speak to you and they can tell you everything freely. It’s really not good to be distracted while your kid has something to say, as this gives him the message that you are not bothered about what he/she has to say.

To keep your child have a healthy communication with you , you can keep a small time aside in a day when you talk about all the things that happened during the whole day. A good suggestion we have is to ask your child about how they spent the whole day.

#4 Be Their Role Model :

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Since your child will mostly be influenced y their parents, it’s important that you set good examples for them to follow. You will need to practice what you preach. For example, if you ask your child to clean his toys after he is done, always keep your room and the kitchen clean and organised and keep everything back at their place.

#5 Read Out To Them

Reading is a really important part of growing up. Since small ages kids can be taught to love books and read them . You can easily read to them while they are also infants and use different types of board books, cloth books, song books and story and rhymes books to make them love books . Reading books to your child and associating them with books at an early age , make them more fond of books .

#6 Make Rules

Don not ever feel guilty for punishing or rectifying your child’s mistakes. Children who don’t need to follow rules feel under pressure when grown up to keep up with the rules of the society. Make your child understand the rules, why they should not be broken. Also make them understand the consequences and rectify their mistakes.

#7 Praise Your Child

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Your child’s positive actions need to be praised . Your child will know that he did the right thing when you praise him . Make them feel confident about themselves and let them do new things. Whenever they do anything good, don’t forget to praise them and also mention why you are praising them , instead of a casual phrase every time like ‘Good Job’ or ‘Well Done’ .

#8 Let them Find Solutions Themselves

You will not be there for your child when he is an adult and so, it is important that they know how to solve problems or face challenging situations from childhood. For minor problems , don’t help your child and encourage him to find the solution themselves. When they will succeed they will feel good about themselves and be confident.

#9 Engage Dad’s Too

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If you’re a mother , know that Dad’s need to be close to their child. A child who spends good time with their Dad’s are more happy, do well in school and even handle challenging situations well . So engage your child with his dad and let them have fun.

#10 Be There For Them

It’s important for every child to feel that they are important. It’s really necessary to be there with your child at the major events and achievements in his life. Be it his first stage performance, his graduation day or any important day for him. This shows that you care for them and feel that they are important. Try to keep yourself free for the special days in their lives .

#11 Maintain Your Order at home

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Always show your child that there is a certain set of rules. If you have a limitation on the time they play , or stay out , or stay awake at night make it clear what the consequences of not following the order would be. Reward your child with extra privileges for all the good work and the chores he does well. if your child does not follow order then limit his privileges .

# 12 Right and Wrong:

It’s important for your child to learn right and wrong at an early age. They will be able to take the decisions of following the right way around life on their own. You will not be there for them always so let them decide and know the consequences of their actions.

#13 Be a Happy Couple Before Your Kid

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No matter how much differences you and your spouse have in reality , it is best to be a happy couple before your child. A child who sees household fights and difficult relationship among their parents are always less likely to be open for love and affection afterwards. A child who sees their parents happy and attached to each other grow up appreciating love and is more open to Love.

#14 Let Them make Mistakes:

You might feel that it is unnecessary to let your child make mistakes , but you will not be with them all life long, in every hard situation to tell them what is right or wrong. So let them make mistakes . Without making mistakes , no person can grow up .

#15 Religion:

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If you are from a certain religion , then take your child to the respective institution and let them know the views of the religion. Don’t try to impose them on your child or else they might feel you’re being hypocritical. If you don’t follow any religion or are an atheist , then let your child know the views you have about life , and why they mean so much to you .

#16 Respect Your Child’s Privacy

As much as you would like to know what your child is up to at his School or with his friends, it is for the best that you respect his privacy. He/she should know that once he’s in his/her room it is their private space. Give them a little space to develop their own interests , so that they feel safe and have privacy . Also make them understand to give others their privacy like giving you privacy when you and your spouse are together.

#17 Encourage A healthy Lifestyle

Always follow a healthy lifestyle and suggest that they also keep a healthy lifestyle. Exercise or indulge in adventurous sports from childhood. Also let them understand the consequences of drinking alcohol and suggest them to keep it limited for their own health.

#18 Be Consistent

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Even though you might think that your duty as a parent will stop as soon as your child is old enough to move out, actually it’s a lifelong duty . You will need to be together for your child till you can and support and be involved in the events of their lives. Being a parent is not a simple job but it is a very fulfilling job which will ultimately give you immense joy in seeing your child become a good human being with good values.


lastly it’s important to be patient while bringing up a child as it’s not easy to keep calm all the time. You might get angry and even lose temper and yell. But say sorry to your child and apologize so that he knows that it is not good to yell. A happy child who is brought up with good family values will definitely be a good human being afterwards. happy Parenting to everyone from the group of She.

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