15 Must Try Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

There is a phrase ‘The shorter, the cuter’ ! This phrase fits perfect on anyone who have short hair. Short hair add more cuteness to the look of the person. Short hair has been in vogue since ages and it hardly goes outof fashion. If you don’t like long hair then here’s some Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair to try this Summer .

Short hair is always difficult to work with as compared to long hair. When working with long hair, there are millions of hair styles that can be worn by pretty ladies but when it comes to short hair, it is more than a difficult task both for the hair stylist and the you to decide upon a good hairstyle. To find cute hair styles for short hair is really a difficult and nearly impossible task Earlier. But in today’s fashionable world, everything has changed and so is the vision for this problem.

Today, in this post I’ll be sharing some of the cute, simple and adorable hair styles which will make you look cool and cuter. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get on with the list of cute hair styles for short hair one by one.

Cute hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyle 1- RUFFLED PIXIE:

This is one of the 90s hair styles and is still very much in. It looks funky and if you love your tom boyish look, you must try out this hair style for sure. It adds funkiness plus cuteness in you look and people would surely adore you in this look. This type of hair styles have also been adopted by many rappers to look cool and add some funkiness in their looks too.

Hairstyle 2 – BLONDE BEAUTY:

For girls who have hair till shoulder, this hair style is perfect for them. This type of hair style adds glamour and lots of drama in the look. Moreover, this look is adorable and cute to the core. It enhances your personality in a positive manner. In this particular hair style hair is cut right at the shoulders with zero layers for the exception of the ones cut around the face.

Hairstyle 3- SOFT CURLS:

Hair styles section is incomplete without curls. If you have short hair, then Curls at the end of hair strands is just the right hair style for you to pick. It is one of the most elegant hair styles which give a subtle look to you and your personality. When there is this word in the hair style itself, ‘soft’, then just think how cute it will look on any girl with short hair.

Hairstyle 4 – JUST CURLS:

Curly hairs look so damn cute and some funkiness in your look. People say that only long hairs look good with curls, but you can prove them all wrong by showing the above picture. Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair are always in and curls have always been a girl’s best friend when it comes to hair styles. And for short hair,  this type of hair styles look just so adorable and perfect.


Soft blonde hair style looks great when accompanied with sweet innocence. This is because it adds cuteness to your look and some innocence too. It looks simply the best on short hair. Also it gives the most decent look which you can flaunt on daily basis. You can also carry on with this Cute Hairstyle for Short Hair at work, meeting or just to hang out with your family or friends.

Hairstyle 6 – EDGY SHAG:

This type of hair style is just so ravishing and royal. The Edgy Shag fits best for the girls who have short hair. It adds many things in total like elegance, hotness, cuteness, royal, and what not. I’m sure you would also agree with me on this point. And when this hair style is been highlighted with bright colours on selected hair strands, it will give more appropriate look as you always wanted to.

Hairstyle 7- BRAIDED BANGS:

Creative braids have won over in the community of hair styles in this fashionable world. If you have short hair and you are a creative girl just like me then you must say yes to this hair style for sure. Just try some twisted braids at the top of your hair and flat your funkiness to the world.

Hairstyle 8 – SHORT AND CHIC:

This one is super cute for short hair. This type of hair styles gives a uniqueness and funkiness in your look. Also this hair style would look good only on short hair rather than long hairs. Now, see we can say that short hair also have some advantages rather than only disadvantages. Also when it comes to long hair, this won’t look good at all. this particular hair style would also look good on girls who loves to flaunt their tom boyish look.


This is another hair style which will suit your personality very well with short hairs. Plus it will look more cute, elegant and gorgeous on you. These types of hair styles are up to shoulders length and thus, it falls down in the short hair category. This looks super adorable and completes your look with amazing elegance added to it.

Hairstyle 10 – SHORTER PIXIE:

Another hair style which adds funkiness, cuteness to your look and style. Shorter pixie hair style is very much in; it looks super gorgeous on anyone who will carry it. It gives a subtle look to you and your personality. And finally just look at this super cute hair style in the image above.

Hairstyle 11 – SIMPLE FISHTAIL:

Fishtail is the most creative hair style of all times and it always fun watching this particular hair style. It doesn’t matter if you do not have long hair, because fishtail can even be played if you have short hair. This looks cute and adorable on short hair for sure and also adds some elegance in your look too. Want to check out what I said right now? Then just have a look at this image.

Hairstyle 12 – CUTE BOB LOOK:

This particular hair style is just too cute to handle, right? Bob cut looks are trending these days and been loved by women with both long and short hair lengths. This looks super cute, gives funkiness, plus adds a tint of glamour and elegance too in your look. You can beautifully flaunt your hair style to the world. I’m sure you going to try this hair style too if you already have short hairs, right?


Funkiness has no end when it comes to hair styles, and here I present another funky hair style to you for short hair. This funky look gives a tom boyish look to your personality and if you already love these pointed hair, and then you must surely try it out too. Besides being funky, it looks cute and adorable too.

Hairstyle 14 – SHORT WAVY HAIR:

According to me, this particular hair style is the flirtiest of all. You know how we try new things every day, and now in between we have landed to this hair style. It does looks funky but also looks damn cute on short hair, don’t you agree with me? If not, then again go ahead and have a look at the image and then think twice or thrice.


When two hair styles club together, it surely gives the most beautiful and cute outcomes. I’m talking here about bob and curls. Bob cut hair styles when accompanied with curly waves adds more rhythm to your personality and hair. This looks super cute and adorable on anyone who has short hair, just have a look at it, how it looks. It is simply gorgeous!

So, these were some of the top fifteen hair styles which will surely look extremely cute on short hair. Short hair looks cuter than long hair and you should not feel bad if you do not have long hair. After reading the post I hope you can see how easily you can play around with short hair and try so many hair styles. This will add more glamour and elegance to your personality and you will once again fall in love with yourself.

I really hope you like this post and surely give a try to all these cute hair styles for short hairs.