Eye Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes and Inspirations

Blue eyes are very rare in India and it is said that only 10% of the World’s total population have them. If you’re lucky enough to have blue eyes naturally then you will love to show them off with gorgeous eye makeup which suits your eyes. Eyes are the gateway to a woman’s soul and it is sometimes neglected with simple and common eye makeup, whereas it should be done with utmost care. Today we have some beautiful Eye Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes and some stunning eye makeup pictures suitable for all those Blue-Eyed Ladies.

Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes :

Here are some of the most unique and effective tips for you to get that perfect look.

#1 Highlight Eyes:

Your eyes are the main feature of your face and it should not be neglected. While doing your makeup always keep in mind to highlight your eyes with natural or contrasting makeup . Apply good amounts of mascara and liner to make your eyes look bigger and give them shape.

#2 Keep the Lips Toned Down:

Since your eyes are going to grab a lot of attention , it’s better to tone down your lips to let the eyes stand out .. It is a general rule of makeup to highlight either the eyes or the lips to make the look complete. You should use more toned down pinks, n#des to keep your lips toned down.

#3 Use Winged Liners:

Winged Eyeliners are one of the important trends nowadays and you can surely use that to your benefit. If you want a subtle look then using a thick line of liner and a winged eyeliner will surely be a nice idea. There are many Winged eyeliner styles you can choose from . Whether you’re looking for a simple winged liner or a more dramatic one , you can wear any winged liner with ease with blue eyes.

#4 Blush:

When you are doing face makeup choose a more natural or pale pink toned blush to add a dash of color to your cheeks. Bright or more colorful shades will take the attention away from your beautiful eyes.

#5 Contrast Shades Look Best :

Whether it’s for a date or an interview choose your eye shadow shades wisely. Your eyeshadow needs to be a contrast from the blue tone of your eyes. Metallic shades like Copper, Bronze and warm shades go very well with the cool toned blue eyes. You can also go for neutral shades . Always use warmer shades for your eye makeup and apply a bit of white eye shadow near the tear duct to make your eyes look bigger .

#6 Smokey Eyes :

Smokey Eye makeup is a favorite among many and Blue eyed ladies can really make their eyes look sexy and appealing by doing a smokey eye look. Black eyeshadow , either used with metallic warm shades or on it’s own looks beautiful with blue eyes.

Here are some Eye Makeup Looks For Blue Eyes :

We have included some of the best eye makeup looks and tutorials from the internet to inspire you . These looks are different and will serve your purpose of subtle date night makeup to dramatic makeup .


If you have large blue eyes then you can get this look easily. This works best for larger eyes and the best part is that you can easily carry this look for the daytime. The look is perfect for a daytime date or for a simple occasion. Lots of mascara and the dark eye liner makes the look attractive.



This metallic blue smokey eye look is perfect for the night time look. Different shades of blue have been used to accomplish this look. False lashes and many coats of mascara have been used to give the eyes a dramatic effect.




This colorful eye makeup uses a good number of colors and might not be the best option for beginners. Purple, yellow, green, blue and more shades have been used and the colors have been blended into one another in a very beautiful way. The brow bone has been highlighted with a metallic highlighter.



This multicolored eye makeup looks stunning on pale skin and contrasts your blue eyes perfectly. The eye makeup is done with copper, green and purple eye shadows. A thick line of eye liner and lots of mascara completes this eye makeup. You can wear this at a party.


This everyday wearable smokey eye will become your favorite once you get the hang of doing it. The eye look is done by first applying a golden /champagne color as a wash over the whole lid and then a more darker brown or copper shade is used on the crease and to create the smokey eye effect. The darker shade is extended towards the lower lash line. Multiple coats of mascara is used and the eyes are slightly enlarged with a small winged liner.




This subtle look is perfect for your daily wear or a casual date. The metallic golden shade is used as a was till the brow bone. An extended winged liner is done and the inner waterline is extended further with a white/N#de eye pencil.



Two shades are used here for this eye makeup look which will flatter your blue eyes perfectly. The matte black shadow is used to give the intense black smokey eye effect. A pale golden shade is used as a wash and in the inner corners of the eye .



Pinks and browns look beautiful with your Blue eyes and you can do this simple eye makeup with a pale pink used as a full eye lid wash. Use a dark brown eye shadow to use as the smokey eye shade. Blend the two shades well but always keep the pink at a minimal. use some lengthening and voluminous mascara.


If you’re up to the challange or just want to match your eye makeup to your red dress then this Red eye makeup look will surely come in handy. The red metallic shade is used on the lid . A matte brown eye shadow is used on teh crease to define it and to blend the red shadow into the crease. Then a little amount of blue shadow has been used just below the tear duct along with good amounts of kohl and liner.



You can also use orange and red based shades for your eye makeup. Since blue is a cool color you can definitely create a contrast with a bright and warm orange shade. The winged liner will add to the glam quotient and if you can blend it well you will get a perfect wearable eye makeup look.


So we hope you got lots of Makeup tips for blue eyes . These inspirations and tips will surely help you get that perfect look every time. So stun the world with your mesmerizing gaze.




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