Benefits Of Walnuts For Skin, Hair and Health

Walnuts are a great source of essential nutrients for the body. It is a major ingredient in beauty and healthcare products. Walnuts are used since ancient times as a source of omega 3 fatty acids. It is slightly bitter in taste but it’s beauty benefits are sweet. Walnuts can be consumed during your recess/ breaks in the form of snacks. You can also add it in dessert and sweets. Roast some walnuts and make a powdery form of it. You can also add it in other recipes. It is used in many recipes to add flavor to the food. It is not wise to take the walnuts out of the shell and store it. It is necessary that you eat them fresh.

Benefits of Walnuts:

Walnuts have a great number of benefits and the benefits of Walnut have been proven. Doctors, health advisors and nutritionists suggest daily intake of Walnuts for a complete diet. Walnuts have a good portion of protein in them, good amount of fat and dietary fiber in them. It is a complete food and so it is great for our bodies. Today we will let you know the benefits of Walnuts.

Benefit of Walnut :

There are a lot benefit of Walnut and here we are presenting those benefits or Walnuts for Health, Skin and overall benefits. Here are the most well known benefit of walnut.

Benefits of Walnuts for Health:

Benefit of Walnut – Promotes sleep:

If you are sleep deprived and are struggling for a better sleep, walnuts can be your best friend.     The omega 3 present in the walnuts will keep the blood pressure low, allowing you to fall asleep faster. Do eat a handful of walnuts everyday. Do not over consume it as it is caloric in nature.

Benefit of Walnut – Strengthens bone:

The alpha linolenic acid is said to strengthen bones in human body. Walnuts are rich in alpha linolenic acid apart from having omega 3 fatty acids. This will reduce the inflammation, leading to healthier bones. The bones form a greater part of the body and must be taken care of from early age.

Benefit of Walnut – Prevents breast cancer:

Consume a handful of walnut to prevent the risk of breast cancer. The research has proved that walnuts can decrease your risk to breast cancer.

Benefit of Walnut – Increases immunity:

Walnuts are rich in antioxidants which strengthens the immune system. If you have a stronger immune system, the white cells in the body will be able to fight with germs and bacteria. Thus, a handful of walnut is always recommended for a better health.

Benefit of Walnut – Strengthens heart:

Walnuts contain omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids. These fatty acids fight with bad cholesterol and promotes good cholesterol in the body. Walnuts are also said to lower the blood pressure. Cholesterol and blood pressure both have impact on the heart. Thus, walnuts can keep a check on it and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Benefit of Walnut – Helps in memory gain:

No wonder why parents insists on consuming walnuts during exams. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for brains and also strengthens the nervous system. Do consume them to increase your memory power. This tip is also good for elderly people who tend to become forgetful after a certain age.

Walnut Benefits for Skin:

Walnut benefits for Skin – Deals with dark circles:

The dark circles under the eyes grabs attention for all the wrong reasons. Dark under eyes suggest irregular lifestyle, stress and lack of sleep. Eyes reflects our personality and must be treated properly. Walnut oil is said to lighten these dark circles. It relaxes the eyes without causing any irritation and soothes them. Take few drops of walnut oil on your palm. Use your fingertips to apply this oil under your eyes. Moving from inner side of the eyes to the outer side. Massage slowly without hurting your eyes. Leave it overnight and wash it with cold water in the morning. Follow this everyday for a faster result.

Walnut benefits for Skin – Moisturizes skin:

Skin becomes dry and dull due to the exposure to the external environment. If you do not moisturize it, the damage could be unrepairable in a due course of time. Take few drops of walnut oil in your palm and apply it to the dry skin. Message it slowly and leave it overnight. The effect would be noticeable in a few uses itself. The oil will nourish the skin cells from deep inside. It will rejuvenate the cells and give a healthy glow to your skin. You can leave it overnight and wash it in the morning. You can also use it as a base for your makeup during the day time.

Walnut benefits for Skin – Deals with ageing of the skin:

An older looking skin is not all what women desire , not only women but men also want to stay younger looking for more time. We all desire to look younger than our age. Prevention is always better than cure. We cannot prevent skin from ageing, however we can slow down the process. Walnuts are rich in Vitamin B and can bless your skin. Vitamin B is a mood enhancer which will automatically reduce your stress hormones. Walnuts are also enriched with Vitamin E which is the best food for skin. There are free radicals in the skin which makes skin look aged. These vitamins deal with the free radicals and fights with the ageing process, thereby avoiding wrinkle and fine line formation.

Procedure for walnut facepack:


4 walnuts

2 teaspoon oats

4 teaspoons of olive oil

1 teaspoon of honey

1 teaspoon of fresh cream


Add all these ingredients in a blender and blend them well. Form a thick paste and apply all over your face and neck region. Leave it for 30 minutes or an hour. Let your skin absorb the complete benefits of walnuts. Wash it with lukewarm water. Your skin will be more soft and shiny. Follow this procedure twice a week to keep your skin moisturized.

Benefits of walnuts for hair:

Who wouldn’t want healthy hair? Of course, all of us will love to get nourished, shiny and healthy hair ! It is highly difficult to maintain the hair texture considering our ever fast life style. The pollution, stress, hormonal changes and diet are major causes for dry and damaged hair. Walnuts can be your solution to the hair problems. They can be either consumed on regular basis or the walnut oil can be used for the tresses. See the below benefits:

Benefits of Walnut For hair – Deals with damaged scalp:

The scalp needs to be clean and dirt free. Any impurities might lead to scalp infection which is difficult to deal. The scalp also has to be nourished and moisturized to promote healthy hair growth. Walnut oil must be used to massage the scalp on a regular basis as it has anti-fungal properties. It will keep the ringworm infection away apart from moisturizing the scalp.

Benefits of Walnut For hair – Deals with dandruff:

Dandruff can lead to hair loss and can also infect the scalp if not treated on time.  Walnut oil can be used to control the dandruff due to its moisturizing properties. Take 2 tablespoon of walnut oil and warm it up. Use a cotton ball to apply the oil all over your scalp. Leave it overnight. Wash it in the morning with a mild shampoo. Condition it.

Benefits of Walnut For hair – No more balding issue:

If you are losing hair or are a victim of baldness, apply walnut oil everyday to treat it. The walnut oil must be applied at the initial stage of hairfall for it to show improvement. If you have severe hair fall or there are instances of balding in your family tree, do seek the help of a dermatologist.

Benefits of Walnut For hair – Strengthens hair:

Walnut can strengthen your hair and promote hair growth. Walnuts are a great source of Omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9. They also have potassium which promotes hair growth. Take 4 tablespoon of walnut oil and warm it up slightly. Use a cotton ball to apply the oil all over your scalp. Leave it overnight. Wash it in the morning with a mild shampoo and use conditioner. Your hair will be silkier, smoother and healthy. Follow this application thrice a week to see better results.You can also add olive oil, almond oil and coconut oil to the walnut oil to get better benefits. These oils have proven benefits to the hair. You can take equal quantity of these oils and apply it on your tresses.

Hope this article had been useful to you. Walnuts are good for health and can benefit the overall development of the body. It is better to consume them in a limited quantity as they are caloric in nature. If you are facing any skin or hair related issues, do try the above suggested walnut remedies and add benefits to your life. Do not forget to share your feedback with us.

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