Favorite Tips For Long Hair

Who doesn’t love long healthy hair? Literally no one will raise her hand. We all love long shiny and of course healthy hair. But many people aren’t blessed with long hair full of life. So they always in search of some good hair care regime to get that precious thick black long hair. Some face problems with dandruff, some face thinning oh hair. Also some people are suffering from grey hair even they are at their younger age. This is really a pathetic situation for them. If they use chemical dye, most of the dyes are going to give an unnatural look which is not acceptable for many also. In this article I am trying to jot down each and every aspect of hair care and that too in budget. If you really want your dream hair please carry on reading.

Tips for Long Hair :

Long hair tips

Homemade Tips for Long Hair :

  • Homemade tips never fail to achieve a good result. You have to try them at least for 2-3 months to notice the results. First of all I want to tell you that you should¬† never skip oiling your hair. This is a treatment for hair from the ancient time and these rituals are scientific reasons also. Oiling your hair helps to retain the normal moisture balance of your hair strands. Shampoo strips off the moisture balance as they are loaded with tons of chemicals. Apply oil once or twice in a week and leave it overnight. The next day, wash your hair with a shampoo which suits you.
  • You can use aloe vera hair mask for long hair. Aloe vera is believed to be a miraculous product in case of health and beauty. It has amazing beauty benefits. Take the gel of aloe vera from the leaf. You can use it directly after steering it to make it smooth. If you have severe dry hair, you may use an oil in it. You may use almond oil which is enriched with vitamin E and excellent for hair growth.

homemade tips for long hair 2

  • If you have very oily and limp hair you also use aloe vera hair mask but add some lemon juice to it to add that bouncy and voluminous effect to your hair. Lemon is also enriched in vitamin C and nevertheless a very good product for your hair.
  • You can wash your hair with apple cider vinegar as it is a natural conditioner and free from harsh chemicals. And it is easily available at your kitchen. Those who can’t spend much money to buy some chemical loaded high-end hair care product, I must say to them that don’t feel unhappy for that and just use apple cider vinegar. You will feel the difference.
  • Take some beer if you have it at hand. Beer is an excellent simulator for skin and hair also. If you intake it, it has other side effects or ill effects too on your health which may harm you. But when you are apply it only on your skin, it is very much safe and known as a boon for your hair. It makes hair silky smooth and soft. Just pour beer on a mug and use it for your last rinse of hair.

Tips For Growing Long Hair :

tips for growing long hair

  • Massage your scalp regularly. It is a golden rule for growing long hair. Massaging your scalp helps to increase blood circulation and continuous flow increases in the scalp region. As a result of it, sculp gets more oxygen and nutrients. Thus it promotes hair growth. But be gentle in your hair massage. Use your finger tips and gently massage your hair.
  • Comb your hair very gently. Don’t comb vigorously and roughly as it tends to make hair stands weak. It also breaks hair strands and make them less durable. You should comb your hair regularly before going to bed also. During your sleep, this is the time when your scalp breaths at its best.

Hair Tips For Long Hair :

hair tips for long hair

  • If you already have a long hair do maintain it very carefully.
  • Don’t change your shampoo randomly as it tends to make the strands dry rough and frizzy.
  • Use a mild shampoo which suits you well
  • You not skip oiling your hair
  • Never leave your hair strands dry. That is always use a good quality conditioner after each wash.
  • Wash out your shampoo and conditioner very thoroughly with plain water
  • Don’t tie wet hair as it makes your hair very weak and breakable.

Tips for Long Hair Growth :

tips for long hair growth

  • Avoid tie your hair when you are in home as it helps the hair to breathe well.
  • But when you are stepping out, tie your hair if you want to grow your long and want to avoid split ends. Sun and pollution cause severe damage to your hair. Don’t go for those advertisement gimmicks and follow these rules if you love your hair.
  • If you live in a very humid and polluted place you can also wrap your hair with a stylish stole.
  • If your hair is not that dirty, you can only use your conditioner to wash your hair. Wet your hair and then massage the conditioner as you do regularly. Leave it for 1-2 minutes and then rinse it off thoroughly. It prevents from severe dryness caused by daily shampooing.
  • If your hair is very greasy you can use diluted baking soda. Add 2-3 spoon of baking soda in a liter or 2 liters water and rinse your hair with it.

Long Hair Tips :

  • It is always true that it is very important to drink plenty of water .If you love your hair you should keep yourself hydrated for overall health as well as to get long and attractive hair.
  • Drink fruit juices regularly and if your stomach is not clean, you will never get rid of hair problems. It’s always better to check your diet and cut down on those oily, fried foods. You will see drastic change in your hair if you can maintain a healthy diet.
  • Good sleep is very necessary for both skin and hair. You love your hair more than your laptop or mobile right? They can be purchased if they are gone. But your hair is precious and cannot be purchased. So you should think twice before you give more preference to late night chats.
  • Add super foods to your diet like almonds, apricot, apple, avocado, spinach etc.
  • You can wash your hair with green tea. You can make green tea hair was by¬† soaking green tea leaves in Luke warm water and then cooling it. It makes your scalp free from any bacterial growth.
  • Dry your hair thoroughly without heat as much as possible. If you are in hurry, dry your hair with drier but obviously in the cool mode.

Hair Care Tips For Long Hair :

long hair tips

  • Proud of your long hair? Then please let it remain natural. Don’t dye your hair with unnatural colors or dye. It makes your hair very frizzy and increases hair fall.
  • Homemade treatments are much better than those precious parlour treatments as the products used are loaded with chemicals. Also the heat they use is a just big enemy of your hair. Now the decision is yours.
  • Choose a sulphate free shampoo as SLS is very harsh for your hair and scalp.

Natural Tips For Hair Growth :

natural tips for long hair

  • First of all I will share a DIY recipe which I use the most. Mix 1 table-spoon olive oil+ 1 table-spoon almond oil+ one egg+ 1 table-spoon honey. Mix it in mixer. Honey helps to suppress the bad of odour of raw egg also. Apply on dry hair and scalp and rinse and shampoo after 40 minutes.
  • If you suffering from hair fall make a paste of fenugreek seeds soaked overnight with water. Keep it for some time and then apply it on scalp and hair. Rise and shampoo. It reduces hair fall and also gives a shine and lustrous to your hair.
  • Banana is very good for your hair. It is rich in iron and banana gives a silky effect on your hair along with a bounce. Smash a ripe banana and you can use it directly. If you want you may add some honey. Honey is best for natural moisturizer. You will amaze seeing the results.
  • Avocado as a super food is very good for your diet and also you can use it as your hair mask. Smash avocado pulp and add some coconut oil to it. If you have very rough hair you will love the after effect.
  • Curd or yogurt is also very beneficial for your hair. Add yogurt and honey together. Apply it all over the strands and the scalp. Wash it with water and then shampoo. This is a very good remedy for normal hair. Also add yogurt to your diet too.
  • Now for dandruff, use lemon juice using a cotton ball. You can mix aloe vera juice to it. Also you can use green tea and lemon juice to combat dandruff problem. It will also keep your scalp free from bacteria.
  • You can use small onion juices to combat baldness.
  • And lastly you can use precious argan oil for your hair though it is expensive but the result is worth the money you spend.

Last but not the least, never use warm water to wash your hair as it makes your hair dry and the keratin layer of your hair gets damage. Always use cold water. At least for the last few rinse. Cold water locks the cuticle making the hair smooth.

If you follow these tips, you can keep hair problems at bay. After all we all love Rapunzel. We know we will not get long hair like her but no problem in at least trying to make hair healthy and shinier than ever.

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