What is Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment? Pros and Cons!

Women always desire healthy , shiny and long hair secretly. But it is not easy to maintain long healthy hair. Healthy hair needs proteins and ample nourishment to survive. The hair gets damaged due to daily exposure to sun, poor diet, extra usage of chemicals, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy and so on. Thus, tresses require extra care to retain these proteins and protect the hair from damages. Keratin is a form of protein which is present in hair, nails and teeth. Keratin is responsible for smooth and shiny hair. When there is a decrease in Keratin levels, it damages the hair texture leading to dullness and dryness of hair. Thus, this protein has to be added artificially to our hair, hence the keratin treatment.


Keratin Straightening Treatment:


When the hair becomes dull and dry, it is an indication of the decrease in the keratin level.

Keratin Straightening Treatment is a process of adding keratin artificially to the hair to provide it necessary proteins to maintain the hair texture. The result can be instantly seen. The

Keratin Straightening Treatment isn’t time consuming and can be worked out in a span of 2 hours. The hair will be immediately be straight, shiny and free of tangles. The effect of

Keratin Straightening Treatment will last for almost 90 days and one can opt for root touch up to continue with the same effect.


How Keratin Straightening Treatment works:

The professional applies keratin on the hair and seals the proteins using  the heat of an iron. Thus, the hair looks shinier and smoother for couple of months as the protein is sealed.


Keratin Straightening Products:

  • Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola
  • Brazilian Blowout
  • Brazilian Keratin Treatment
  • Global Keratin Complex
  • Brazilian Hair Treatment
  • La-Brasiliana treatment


Advantages of Using Keratin Straightening Treatment:


Provides healthy hair:

It is a treatment developed after a lot of research. It is safe for hair and doesn’t harm them. Thus, it is said to be free of side-effects. However, go for a patch test before opting for it.


Improves hair texture:

If your hair is dry and frizzy, keratin treatment will soften and smoothen, The hair will start shining and one can feel the smoothness after touching it. The hair will have a good strength apart from an improvement in the texture.



Don’t worry about your hair type if you wish to opt for keratin treatment. It can be used for all hair types and can be used for both male and female. Pregnant women should not opt for keratin treatment.


Frees you from other chemicals:

Don’t we all try various products to add that extra shine to our hair or straighten them. Products like mousses, sprays and gels are so common amongst the youngsters to grab that attention. However, you can free yourself from these chemicals after the application of keratin.


Protects from external environment:

The sun and the external pollution harms our hair. Once you have opted for keratin treatment, it will naturally protect your hair from these things.


Disadvantages of Using Keratin Straightening Treatment:



The keratin treatment is slightly expensive and the prices varies from place to place. One has to think twice before shelling the cash out. It also depends on the product that one is choosing for.


Not Suitable for Pregnant Women:

The keratin treatment is applicable for both men and women, however, pregnant women should refrain from it.This treatment contains gas and chemicals that might impact the health of the pregnant women.


Extra Maintenance:

You can’t be careless after opting for keratin treatment. One has to use shampoos and conditioners which are free from sodium chloride. Thus, maintenance after the treatment is a hassle. It is also a burden on your wallet.


Chances of Allergies:

Do not directly go for the treatment. A patch test is must to decide whether your skin can accept it or not. There are also chances of itchiness, rashes, inflammation and other form of allergy. One has to be careful.


Tips for keratin Hair straightening treatment:

  • Avoid the chemicals from contacting your eyes  and skin as it might be harmful.
  • Do not opt for further chemicals once the duration of keratin treatment is over. Allow your hair to breathe naturally.
  • Opt for a good saloon and skilled professional. Do not compromise on product quality.
  • Do not wash your for 3-4 days after undertaking the treatment as the hair needs time to absorb these proteins and work accordingly.
  • Use shampoos and conditioners which are free of sodium chloride and other harsh chemicals.


Hope this article had been useful. Do focus on your hair texture and decide whether you want to opt for the treatment or not. If you have thin hair and huge hair fall, it is better to avoid this treatment. Though, it might strengthen the hair follicles, yet there are chances of hair breakage at a later stage. Consult a professional before undergoing this treatment. Do share your feedback with us.

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