What Causes Hair Loss in Women

Hairfall is quite common and we all lose a few strands of hair each day  . It is natural to lose a few strands of hair each day and it is believed that hair fall up to 100 strands a day is normal. But what do you do if you see lots of hair on your Comb ? Or in your shower ? Hair fall can be caused by many things and today we will discuss what causes hair loss in women. Women as well as men lose hair and it is sometimes caused by age, hereditary factors, stress, health conditions, treatments and more. But if Hair fall is not addressed at the right time, it can turn into alopecia. Read on to know in details what causes hair loss in women :

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What Causes Hair Loss in Women:


There are very common causes of Hair fall and some of these reasons can be identified easily . Here’s the main reasons why you may suffer from hair loss .

# Protein Deficiency

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Protein is necessary for our overall health and it is very important for hair growth . Our hair is primarily made out of proteins and so it is very important to have a protein rich diet . if you have a deficiency of protein in your daily diet, your body will try to conserve the protein and this will result in stunted hair growth, hair loss and lack of health.

If you are on a low Protein diet then take proteins in adequate quantities and include protein rich foods like Fish, Meat , eggs, Soybean etc.

#Hereditary factors :

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As much as we would like to disagree, there is a major chance of your facing hair fall due to your genes. Many people have alopecia or early hair fall/ baldness patterns through generations and if you’re suddenly losing hair, it can be due to your Genes. Women usually suffer from Women pattern hair loss which includes broadening of their hair part and noticeable thinning of hair. If your family has a history of thinning hair or massive hair fall at a certain age, you can face it too.

To control hair fall and maintain the hair you have, you may use the Over the counter hair fall remedies like – Rogaine.

# pregnancy :

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this is a very common cause of hair fall and many pregnant woman face hair fall during and after pregnancy . Most women suffer hair fall after giving birth but this is not abnormal . The hair usually grows back naturally after a few months. Try to have a healthy diet and include lots of vegetables and proteins to help your hair grow back faster.

# Stress:

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Stress is another reason why many women may face hair fall. Mental stress as well as physical stress causes hair fall. After a physical stress like a surgery, an accident, illness etc one might face rapid hair fall and this is mainly due to the physical stress your body has been through all these days.

Mental stress can also cause physical stress and hairfall so it’s best to keep yourself calm and stress free. Take lots of rest and recover soon and your hair will start growing back as soon as your body returns to its normal state.

# Hormones:


Women experience a joyride of various hormones and most of the times hormones control how she feels and reacts. While giving birth women suffer hair fall due to not only physical stress, but also hormonal imbalance.

Even if you’re not pregnant , certain medications and birth control pills can cause hair fall. If you change your medications like birth control pills, you will most likely see hair fall . If you have had a family history of hair fall then you are more prone to such hair fall.

# Styling Excessively :

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This is perhaps a very common and the most prominent cause of hair fall in women . Styling our hair has become very common yet it is damaging for your hair. Your hair has to stand excessive heat, styling products etc. and these products and treatments can cause hair fall.

To keep heat and styling damage at a minimum , give gaps between your styling sessions and provide ample nourishment to the hairs post styling . It’s best to use heat protectant while using hair straighteners or tongs. Also use a cleansing shampoo once a week to cleanse all the residues of styling products you use daily.

# Anemia :

Anemia is quite common among women and it is believed that of 10 women aged 20 to 50 years 1 woman suffers from Anemia. Anemia is a deficiency of Iron in the body . If you feel dizzy, have fatigue, have cold hands and feet and feel your skin is too pale then you should definitely go to your physician. A blood test will ensure if you have Anemia, and it can be cured quite easily with some iron supplements. iron deficiency and Anemia is one of the most common causes of hair fall and adding iron supplements will surely reduce hair fall in the long run.

# Autoimmune Problems:

There have been so many instances of Autoimmune system. Our body has its own natural immune system which fights against diseases and harmful bacteria to keep our body healthy . But if you have an overactive immune system then you can experience massive hair fall. When the body goes into the auto immune mode, the immune system targets the hairs as foes and causes hair fall.

# Chemotherapy :

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If you have been suffering from Cancer and have taken Chemo, it can cause hair fall. Chemo is designed to destroy the fast dividing living cells and this also includes fast dividing cells like hair. Chemotherapy can cause hair fall and many a times the hair loss is not permanent.  The hair usually grows back in different color, texture and quality.

# vitamin B deficiency :

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Some women have has Vitamin B deficiency related hair loss. For this type os hair loss is quite uncommon and it can be cured quite easily. If you have Vitamin B Deficiency , add some Vitamin B supplements into your daily diet and see the improvements in a few months.

# Excess of Vitamin A

lack of B Vitamins may cause hair fall, so can the loss of Iron; but the over consumption of Vitamin A supplements will result in hair loss. Too much Vitamin A has been proved to trigger hair loss , but it can be regained. Once you stop taking too much Vitamin A you can see the regrowth in a few months.


# Age :

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There are certain ages after which it is quite common among many women. After 50 years of age most women experience hair thinning and hair fall. Though there has not been studies to show why this happens but you will mos likely see hair fall .


So these were some of the top reasons of what causes hair loss in women. Women mostly lose hair due to physical stress, medical problems and over styling. Having a healthy protein rich diet with adequate amounts of vitamins .

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