Wedding Makeup Tips For Every Bride

Wedding is our dream day and the day when we would want everything to be perfect. There cannot be any substitute to this d day. Every woman wants her wedding to be the most beautiful day of her life. She wants to create memories which will give her lifelong moments. I understand, there are too many traditions, guests and functions to be attended on the occasion of wedding. This means a change in costume and makeup along with lot of chaos and last-minute stress. Anxiety and nervousness also forms a part of this day. In these situations it is difficult to concentrate on beauty. Say cheese and goes the click! Want beautiful wedding pictures, follow the below wedding makeup tips:

Wedding Makeup Tips :

Weddings can be a stressful affair and you could end up with an unwanted last-minute makeup emergency. To keep all the woes away we have a simple guide , so that you look fresh and beautiful all day long.

Wedding makeup Tips : Eyes

Lets start with your eyes as they speak volumes about you. You need to take care of your eyes prior ahead of your wedding day.

Puffy eyes:

Use chamomile tea bags on your eyes everyday to reduce the puffy look. You cannot completely get rid of the puffy look; however you can try to appear them less. Avoid normal tea bags as they might stain your eyes.


Excitement is fine and talking late night is also acceptable. Do not forget to get adequate sleep. It is important for your looks.

Check your Lenses:

If you haven’t changed your contact lenses for a long time, your wedding day demands a change. Wear your contacts before applying any eye makeup. Any irritation or itching must be immediately dealt with. An obsolete lens will ruin your special day.

Mascara application:

Throw your old mascaras as they tend to clot and make your eyes look flaky. Good waterproof mascara must be gently applied to grab the attention. Use a branded one.

Eye Liners:

Your wedding day is not the day to experiment with different shades of eyeliner. Apply plain black eyeliner and do not be in hurry to open your eyes. Avoid smudging at all costs and stay calm if there is any smudging. I would recommend applying in a normal way rather than trying to look different such as cat eyes, smoky eyes and so on. Stay away from all these for a single day.


You can curl your eyelashes or apply volume enhancing mascara for the long lash look. Try both the ways before your wedding and choose that works best for you. Another option would be to use false eye lashes but use them only if you’re well equipped to handle them .

Eye shadows:

The most common mistake that a bride makes is in choosing the eye makeup shades. Do not go with loud colours. You are the bride and surely will be the centre of attraction. Go with a peachy pink shade for a morning wedding or use Nude shades if you’re highlighting the lips. use lots of kohl and that should be all the eye makeup you need.

Trimming your eyebrows:

Go with your regular shape that you have always opted for. Darken the eyebrow line with an eyebrow pencil or use a brow powder to gently fill in the gaps.


Wedding Makeup Tips : Lips

Lips are an important part of your wedding day makeup and can be a part of the wedding ritual too. So it is important to keep your lips in the best shape on the wedding day. We give you tips on how you can get the most beautiful and soft lips.


How To Combat Dry lips:

If you have dried lips do not bite or lick them frequently as it will take away the moisture. Apply lip balm regularly and keep them hydrated. Avoid harsh matte lipsticks for few days prior to your wedding to keep your lips looking fresh .   Also if you have flaky lips use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub away the dead skin cells. olive oil and sugar scrubs are natural and can be made at home. They also are great in removing flaky skin from the lips .

How to Get Fuller lips:

If you have thin lips, do not worry as we can easily make it appear thick with a bit of makeup . Outline your lip with a natural colour and extend the lines in the corners. Apply a shimmer at the centre of your lower lip.

Lipstick stain:

This can be disastrous on the wedding day. To avoid it from getting stain, put a finger in your mouth and close it.  The finger will absorb all the extra lipstick when you pull it out. When you use dark-colored lipstick use a tissue paper to dab the insides of your mouth to get excess lipstick away.

Lipstick Staying Power :

You cannot rush in between to re-coat your lipstick. To make it stay longer apply layers of it and define it with lip liner. First you need to apply a lip liner in the same shade and top it with layers of lipstick. Also in between layers, don’t forget to blot the excess with a tissue and then reapply.

Choosing the Lipstick Colour:

Brides with thick lips can go with dark or maroon colour whereas thin lips bride can opt for light pink or peachy pink colour. You can also go for lip plumper to make your lips look thick. It’s best to stick to reds, maroons and nudes or pinks for the wedding and leave the Hot pink and oranges for some other days.

Wedding Makeup Tips : Face Makeup

Your face makeup is important on your Wedding day as a wrongly done face makeup can be the worst thing that can happen on the special day. So always keep your base makeup right and follow these tips to look your best .

Choose the right foundation:

Be careful when you choose the foundation shade. A little foundation can be a lot more. Choose a colour which matches your skin tone, nothing lighter or darker. Apply in dots and spread it across your face and neck. Do not forget the neck region. Blend using a blending brush or sponge and check with a flash photo to see if it is perfect. Also use a photography friendly foundation to avoid white casts in flash photos.

Use a highlighter:

Highlight your chin, bridge of nose and forehead. This will make you look radiant and not shiny. Avoid glitter or shimmer.

Use green concealer:

Green concealers can cover up those blemishes and red spots that the acne has left on your face. Mild application is enough.

Choosing Blush Shades:

Use a blush that goes with your original skin colour. You can find your actual skin colour when you exercise and get a flush of color on your cheeks. Alternatively you can pinch your cheeks and see the color . Decide according to your Natural color and stick to that.

Use Clean brushes:

Let your brushes be clean or else possibilities of infections are high. Ensure that the makeup artist uses a clean brush and better makeup tools.

Final Touch Up:

Avoid compact powder to give the final touch. It will ensure that all makeup is intact and is in form. It will also give an even tone.

Wedding makeup Tips : Skincare

Wedding duties might have been taking a toll on your skin so let it breathe before the Wedding. Indulge in soe pampering care and see how you can keep it looking fresh and dewy on D-Day below:

Exfoliate your skin:

Let not the dead cells pile up and spoil your special day. Cleansing and exfoliation are a must. Use a cleanser to remove the dirt and a scrub to exfoliate the skin. This will form a base for your makeup.


Apply regular sunscreen prior to your wedding day. You might damage your skin or look tanned. Remember tan takes time to depart from your skin so it’s best to avoid direct or harsh sunlight prior to your wedding.

Acne :

Dark blemishes and acne marks will take away your radiant look. Apply salicylic acid to absorb the oil from your skin and prevent further acne. Use medicated face washes meant to keep acne away if you’re afraid of getting pimples or acne on your D-Day.

Last minutes pimple:

Pimples can occur anytime. Do not panic if it comes on your d day. Apply tea tree oil to the spot and leave overnight. It will dry it up quickly and hide the dark spot.


Wedding makeup Tips : Hair

Your hair is as important as your skin. You need to concentrate both on your face makeup and hair style to be the perfect bride.

Shampoo Your Hair :

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo before heading for the wedding day. Dry hair is difficult to manage.

Deep Conditioning:

Opt for hair spa or deep conditioning once a week during the wedding month. It will keep the hair nourished and smooth so that any hair style can be set on the wedding day.

Oiling Your Hair :

Oil your hair twice a week for better results.

Hair Accessories:

There may be other accessories which are set in your hair to support the hair style. Ensure the pins hold them tightly. Do not use dark colours clips or bands on your light-colored hair. Let the hair stylist do her work. Do not touch your hair frequently afterwards to keep the style intact for hours.


Wedding makeup Tips : General Tips


Avoid eating fried or junk food prior to your wedding month. Avoid too much of calories, remember the calorie intake.


Do not forget to exercise everyday as part of your healthy habit. Throw out your toxins to allow your skin to glow.

Drink water:

Do not forget to drink plenty of water in the wedding month. Do not fall sick out of exertion or tiredness

No experiments:

Do not experiment anything new on your wedding day. Follow that you have been following. Keep it simple. Add smile to your face. It will add to your beauty.


Hope this article has been useful to you. The wedding day is a great day and do not allow anything to ruin it. Be calm and composed. Avoid makeup flaws and any other mishaps. Be stress free and do not forget to eat.  Fruits can substitute the food. You will definitely make the most beautiful bride.


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