Benefits of Biotin For Skin and Hair

Biotin is a relatively new term in the Hair care industry and often people are unaware of what it actually means.  If you’re facing problems with your hair a go to a specialist or a Trichologist for consultation your will most definitely have your and follicles checked. Most of the times , the doctor will prescribe you a good dose of Biotin and seeing the results , before moving on to chemical treatments. It has been proved that Biotin does help in hair growth and by taking it , you can grow your hair at a faster rate. It is said that Biotin or Vitamin R is usually produced naturally in the body itself, but if not produced in adequate amounts leads to Biotin deficiency. Healthy amounts of Biotin help our body function properly and make our hair great. If you’re already interested, read on to know the benefits of biotin for your health.

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Benefits of Biotin :

Biotin has become a huge success in Health and Beauty industry and many brands are producing Biotin rich skin care and hair care products. There are so many Benefits of biotin but before we discuss them, lets know what Biotin Is .

What Is Biotin :

If you’re not really familiar with the term, you will be glad to know that Biotin is a water-soluble B Vitamin, also known as Vitamin B7, Or Vitamin R. Biotin – the existence of the Vitamin was discovered by an American scientist Dean Burk. It has been proved that biotin helps in the production of Fatty acids , helps in the metabolism of fats as well as amino acids. Biotin is also needed for cell growth and it is also important for Carbon Di Oxide transfers . many studies also claim that Biotin helps to keep blood sugar levels steady.

Biotin deficiency in humans is quite rare as the intestinal bacteria in our body produce Biotin in excess amounts each day , quite more than our body needs to function properly.

Good amounts of Biotin each day ensures better hair growth and nails.

Biotin Sources :

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If you want to have Biotin then there are a few daily foods which you can add daily to your diet without even knowing. Biotin is available in nuts especially peanut, egg yolk, leafy vegetables , saltwater fish, meat, whole grains and more.

If you’re more interested in supplements then check your local Pharmacy and get the biotin supplement . Most supplements are made from Fumaric acid as the base.

if you have processed and canned foods on a daily basis and do not have proteins and leafy vegetables, you might have biotin deficiency . Biotin deficiency can be guessed by some common symptoms seen on a person. if you get scaly skin, depression, hair loss or dry eyes and skin – then it could be caused by Biotin deficiency.

Biotin For Skin :

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Biotin or Vitamin R is good for your skin health. Skin looks best when it is healthy from the inside out. Even small changes in our health shows in how our skin behaves. Vitamin B is vital for our body and it is necessary for a smooth operation of the nervous system. If the nervous system does not work proper;y then there is hormone imbalance and this causes skin problems. It’s been seen in many cases that Biotin Deficiency may cause acne, dermatitis, rashes , itchiness of skin etc.

Biotin For Hair Growth :

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Biotin has not yet been proved to benefit hair fall but there have been significant amounts of studies and results to show that Biotin does affect the rate of hair growth and if taken daily biotin helps to make hair stronger. Biotin and other vitamins are vital for your hair health and you will be amazed at how biotin can make your hair grow faster. Most doctors suggest Biotin supplements to grow hair faster and stop hair fall.


 Biotin For Weight loss:

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Biotin does not only help in keeping your nails and hair healthy, but it also is necessary for your body to function properly. Biotin helps in the metabolic functions of the body and helps to break down the different foods especially Crabs. When biotin bonds with Chromium the process is faster and this helps to improve your resting metabolism rate , which ultimately results in weight loss . When biotin supplements are paired with a healthy and fulfilling diet and proper exercise , one can expect weight loss. Since biotin is available in many daily foods such as fish, meat, grains, beans , nuts etc you will be consuming biotin daily.

Biotin For blood Sugar :

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Blood sugar, in my opinion is one of the deadliest diseases. It does not seem extreme but it has a great deal of long-term effects. Blood sugar levels need to be maintained by patients and most of the time they feel stressed out on how to keep the blood sugar in check. It has been believed by many that having Biotin daily will help one to keep blood sugar levels in check.

Biotin For Nails:

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It has been said earlier too that Biotin has been linked to better Nails and Hair. Controlled daily consumption of Biotin is good for the health of your nails and hair. If you have brittle nails that break without a notice or are unhealthy , you can have better nails with Biotin .


How To Add Biotin to Your Diet ?

If you’re impressed seeing all of the above mentioned benefits for Biotin, then here’s how you can add biotin Daily to your Diet :

  • Fresh Leafy Vegetables
  • Meat
  • Egg Yolks
  • Saltwater Fish
  • Peanuts and Walnuts
  • Beans
  • whole grains


If you want to take additional dosage of Biotin , it’s best to visit your doctor to know the dosage you will need. Usually doctors prescribe that a person should take 2.5 mg of Biotin daily, which is a safe dosage.

Bad Effects Of biotin :

As of today, there has not been any known health threats of Biotin. though it is prescribed that one takes the daily prescribed amount. It is said to be safe for pregnant women too and it should not affect you even if you take large doses.


Though not proved , there have been some cases of Acne breakouts after the usage of biotin supplements. If you are using Biotin supplements and are getting acne breakouts , then switch from biotin supplements to food that are rich in Biotin .


So that was the Benefits of Biotin, along with the various health benefits and information about the foods that contain Biotin. There is very less chance that you lack Biotin. but if you feel you do have a deficiency you can opt for oral supplements or add some biotin rich foods to your diet.


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