Best Food for Hair – Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair

Luscious shiny hair has been a feature most women and men love. Women try different remedies and treatments to get the best hair treatment but most of it goes in vain . Our hair grows from inside so it’s fruitless to just keep it polished and taken care of from the outside. What we require is nurturing our hair from within.If you have a poor diet , then no treatment will be enough to give your hair a healthy glow. If you want naturally shiny and healthy hair then here are some best foods for hair . These foods will help you give the needed nutrition to your body so that your hair stays strong and healthy.

Best Food For Hair :

Best Food

Soybeans :

Best Foor For Hair Soya Beans Soybeans

Whether you’re a vegetarian or a Non- Vegetarian , Soya Beans are one of the best and easiest source of protein. If you’re a vegetarian and find it tough to gt your daily dose of proteins, eat soya beans daily . protein is essential for our body and hair . So soybeans are a great way to include proteins in your daily life. You can make different dishes with soya bean as well as have soya bean milk .

Cinnamon :

Best Food For Hair Cinnamon

Cinnamon can be used in daily cooking or for just topping your prepared dishes. You can use Cinnamon in your bowl of yogurt, to top your homemade buttermilk . Cinnamon has a very soothing smell and moreover it helps to improve blood circulation . Improved blood flow makes your hair grow faster and stronger.

Iron Rich Food:

Best Food For Hair Red Meat Iron Rich Food

Iron is good for the body and it is an essential part of a healthy diet. A deficit of Iron can cause your hair follicles to get less amounts of nutrients , which in turn will cause bad hair growth and hair fall. Iron deficit causes Anemia and it can be a major cause of Hair fall. To get the right amount of iron one can consume red meat, fish and Chicken as well as leafy green vegetables.

Biotin Rich Foods :

Best Food For Hair Biotin Rich Food Egg For Hair

Biotin is a Water Soluble Vitamin B and it’s a great protein especially for hir growth and health. Biotin deficiency causes hair fall, bad hair health such as brittle and damaged hair. Healthy Biotin rich foods include Egg yolk, whole grains,Avocado, low-fat cheese,  yeast and soy flour.

Bell peppers:

Best Food For Hair Bell Peppers

bell Peppers come in vibrant Yellow, red and green colors and guess what they are great for your Hair and body health. Vitamin C is available in good amounts from bell peppers . Apart from helping the body derive the Iron in Green vegetables , Vitamin C also helps to form collagen. Collagen is essential for our body as it is a structural fiber.

Carbohydrates also matter:

Best Food For hair Carbohydrates Pasta noodles

If you thought only getting Proteins and minerals would be enough for good locks, think again.! Carbohydrates are also necessary to maintain good hair . Carbohydrates like whole grain breads, brown rice, cereals and pasta or oats are a great option if you’re maintaining a diet. Having no carbohydrate can cause your hair growth rate to slow down and result in hair fall too. So before you jump on the No-Carb’s Diet, remember that you can have a little bit of carbohydrates like the ones we mentioned above.


Best Food For Hair Water Drinking Water

Human body is around 72% Water and it is essential that you have a good intake of Water. Many people drink very less amounts of water, which result in dehydration and as a result your hair and skin looks dull and lifeless. Where our body’s building blocks are water itself, it is quite obvious that water is necessary to maintain good overall body health. Each hair strand’s quarter of the weight comes from water and drinking less water will make your hair dull and lifeless.

Sweet Potatoes :

Best Food For hair sweet Potato  vitamin B Beta carotene

Vitamin A is formed from the Beta-Carotenes in Sweet potatoes. Vitamin A is essential for healthy cell growth, which is essential for overall body’s health. Vitamin A supplement are ok but beware of the fact that too much Vitamin A will cause hair loss. So it’s safe to have Sweet Potato or asparagus or Pumpkins included in your diet instead of Vitamin A supplements.

Essential Fatty Acids :

Best Food For hair Essential Fatty Acids flax-seed

Shiny healthy hair requires healthy essential fatty acids to retain their shine. If you’re not sure how to get your daily dose of Essential fatty acids, try including vegetable oils, oil seeds, fresh nuts, Spirulina, pumpkin seeds and flaxseed oil. These are great for skin and hair and will help make your hair look healthier and shiny. Keep in mind that around 20% of your daily calories should come from these Essential fatty acid rich products.

Vitamin K and Vitamin E Rich Foods:

Best Food For hair Vitamin E Vitamin K brussels-sprouts

Vitamin E and Vitamin K are essential for the body and you can get your daily dose of Vitamin E from avocados, Whole grains, Rice Bran, Nuts and Dark Green Vegetables. Whilst you can get Vitamin K from Yogurt, Soybeans , Brussel Sprouts , rye, oatmeal, cabbage, broccoli , lettuce , figs and more.

Vitamin C Rich Foods:

Best Food For Hair Citrus Fruits Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps to strengthen our body from within and keeps our body’s defense mechanisms working perfectly. It is also important for the health of our Nails and hair, especially hair color. You can get lots of options if you’re looking for Vitamin C rich foods to include in your diet. Citrus fruits like Oranges, lime, Lemon , Berries as well as Vegetables like Tomatoes, Red peppers, Cucumber etc are rich in Vitamin C


But only having these fruits, vegetables or food will not make your hair look better. There are some essential lifestyle changes that will have to be followed as well . We mention some of them below:

  • Resist having Fried, Packaged, Processed, Sugary or too much salty foods. These are not good for body, as much as you believe these are low in fat and calories. The packaged and junk food is one of the main reasons of deteriorating health and hair fall in many.
  • Sleep is necessary to maintain good health. If you’re an insomniac or just sleep less it might be the reason for your hair problems, so always remember to get a good long sleep .
  • Avoid and if possible ban Smoking and Alcohol from your life. These are not at all good for your health and cause your hair health to deteriorate.
  • Stress and anxiety are reasons for bad hair health so keep a check on your stress and anxiety if you have any
  • Skip combing pr brushing your hair too much. Tie them up with a soft hair tie instead or rubber band and avoid keeping your hair in tight hairstyles.
  • Get your hair trimmed and use homemade packs or at least oil your hair once or twice a week to give them nutrition.


We hope this article will help yu on your way to healthier hair and if you have these best food for hair included in your diet, we’re sure that you will see good results. A healthy diet and a normal stress free life will help you get your desired healthy glossy hair.






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