Beetroot benefits that Will Leave You Baffled+ Yummy Recipes

Beetroots are considered to be the staple vegetable in South India. They are the tap roots full of nutrition’s. They are also termed as garden beet, red beet and so on. Beet roots are a great source of potassium, magnesium, iron and Vitamins. The following are some of the health benefits of beetroots.

beetroot benefits:

Beetroot Benefits - beetroot juice benefits

Beetroots are very nutritious and are excellent for cardiovascular health. Beetroots contain unique pigment antioxidants which is very good to protect against coronary artery disease and strokes. Beetroots help to lower cholesterol level inside your body and is very good agent to protect your skin from aging.

Beetroot health benefits :

healthbenefit of beetroots

Prevents heart attacks:

It is rich in nitrates which prevents heart attacks, blood pressures and all other heart related ailments. When nitric mixes with the blood, it gets converted into nitric oxide which helps in increasing the oxygen content in the blood. The blood becomes pure and is rich in oxygen. This blood when supplied to other parts of the body also benefits them.

Maintains the cholesterol levels:

A high cholesterol level is dangerous for the heart.  Beetroots has fibres that will lower the bad cholesterol formation and encourage the formation of good level cholesterol in the body. Thus, consumption of beetroots on regular basis is a must.

Provides Energy:

It is a source of energy as it immediately stimulates the blood vessels, which in turn releases the energy. The amino acids are the powerhouse of energy.

Controls sugar levels:

beetroot benefits - beetroot juice benefits - blood sugar

It is highly recommended for diabetic patients as it controls the glucose levels in the body. The soluble fibre present in the beetroots helps to stabilize the sugar levels in the body.

Helps in weight loss:

If you are an obese person and are seriously thinking about losing some weight, beetroots can be of great help. The are low in calories and high in fibres. This soluble fibres fights with the fat cells and helps the body to be toned. They also help in cleansing out the body as they throw the excess toxins out. The beetroots will keep you full as well prevent  fat formation in the body.

Cancer Treatment:

Beetroots detoxifies the body and helps to throw the toxins out. This cleanses the liver. Cancers like colon cancer and liver cancer be prevented by regular consumption of beetroots.

beetroot juice benefits :

beetroot juice benefits

Beetroot juice is very beneficial here are benefits of beetroot juice for skin and hair:

Skin Benefits of beetroots juice:

A healthy skin reflects your diet and lifestyle. The following are some of the beetroot juice benefits to the skin:

Fights with skin ageing:

All of us love to look younger than our actual age. We try different age miracle products without knowing their side-effects. Thus, it is better to opt for natural ways that can hide your age.  Beetroots are cleansing agents as they are rich in antioxidants. They fight with the free radicals which are responsible for skin ageing.  Thus, they help in getting a healthier skin.

Helps in skin glow:

A glow is skin is the desired of every women.  A toned and fair skin can be the best thing that can ever happen to a woman. Beetroots are a great source of vitamins and minerals which detoxifies the blood and supplies fresh oxygen to it. This will help you to throw the impurities out. As, a result the skin will be acne and pimple free. It will also add glow to your skin making it look healthy.

Hair Benefits of beetroots juice:

The hair suffers a lot of problems these days which makes it dry and dull. The hair fall, dandruff, split-ends, frizzy hair and grey hair the common hair related problems that a common person faces. The following are some of the natural Hair Benefits of beetroots:

Natural Hair Dye:

The dark color of the beetroots can be used as a natural dye. You can add it to your hair pack for adding natural color to your hair.

Cleanses the Scalp:

The excess oil from the scalp will be removed by the beetroots. This will prevent any dandruff formation from the scalp. The dead cells that have found a place on the scalp can also be cleared using beetroots. Beetroots has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties that helps in cleaning the scalp and promoting healthy hair. The skin pores can be opened up and this allows the nutrients to be absorbed. The hair becomes soft, strong and smooth. Do add beetroots to your regular diet.

How to make beetroot juice :

It is very simple to make the beetroot juice using a blender or a juicer. Juices are also the easiest form of consuming fruits and vegetables. It might be difficult to eat 3 beetroots a day, but a single glass of beetroot can be easily gulped down.  The 3 beets and wash it nicely with plain water to take off the dirt and impurities which are clinged to it. Take a peeler and remove the skin of the beets. If you do not like the skin to be removed, it is absolutely fine to go with it. Chop the beets into small pieces so that it can easily be grinded. Place the beet pieces the jar or the container which will be used in the process. Add little water. Avoid adding sugar to it as beetroots are naturally sweet. Just grind it till a thick paste is formed. If the consistency is too thick, add little water to it. Grind it again till it is completely in liquid form. Strain it off using a cheesecloth or a sieve. Let the liquid and pulp be separated. Pour the juice in a glass and add an ice cube to it. Your juice is ready to be consumed. You can also add few drops of lemon to it and a pinch of salt to it.  It is better if the juice of beetroot is being mixed with other juices and consumed as beetroots are high in oxalic acid.

Beetroot juice recipe :

beetroot juice benefits 2

Beetroots and pineapple:

This is a perfect combo as both both benefits the body in a different way. A lot of food is consumed in regular life, leading to toxin formation in the body. This toxin has to be removed from the body s they harm our health on long run. Thus, beetroots are the cleansing agents and they clean the livers if consumed frequently.  The food that is consumed must also be digested to get converted into energy. If your digestion process is slow, it will lead to fat formation in the body. Thus, pineapples are must to improve your digestion process. A combination of pineapple and beetroot juice is ideal for your stomach. Take a pineapple and rip the skin apart from it. Be careful with the thorns. Chop it into pieces and add it in the mixie jar. Take two beets and wash it thoroughly. Chop it into pieces and add to the mixie jar. Take few slices of papaya and grind them all together. Add half a cup of water to it. Papaya also helps in digestion and is great to taste. When the consistency is in liquid form, stop grinding it.. Take it off and strain it using  cheese cloth. Add a pinch of salt and few lemon drops to it. Stir using  a spoon. Add an ice cube and drink it immediately. It is better to consume these juice fresh as they tend to lose the nutrients if kept for longer time. You can also store the juice in refrigerator for chilling purpose. Drink it within 20 minutes of juice formation. Consume it everyday and see the change in your digestion process. You will feel more healthy and there will be a glow in your skin.

Beetroot juice side effects :

As we had read about the benefits of beetroots and its juice, it has side effects as well. Here are few effects and side effects of beetroot juice:

Effects of beetroot juice

Beetroot juice reduces blood pressure

When you drink beetroot juice regularly it reduces your blood pressure. It has been scientifically proven that if you drink 2 cups of beetroot juice in a day then it will lower your blood pressure by 10 points.

Beetroot juice relaxes blood vessels

Beetroot juice is rich in nitric oxide thus which is very good to relaxes blood vessels. This rich compound has anti – inflammatory properties which discourages blood clot formation.

Fight with cancer

beetroot juice benefits 4 Fights cancer

Beetroot juice contains betacyanin which is very good to improve cell respiration which helps to stops and reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Beetroot Juice Side effects :

Though Beetroot is not bad for consumption but with daily consumption it might become a reason for the following side effects of Beetroot .


When beetroot juice is consumed daily your urine and stool will have color of red or pink. Red color urine and stool is known as beeturia.

Kidney stones

Beetroot juice is very highly oxalate which increases kidney stones. Thus if you have kidney juice avoid drinking beetroot juice.

Vocal cord problems

If you have trouble in speaking then drinking beetroot juice will make your vocal cord problematic.

Rashes, chills and fever

When you are suffering from fever never consume beetroot juice as it increases rashes in your skin. Thus your skin will be energetic.

Hope this article had been useful to you. There are multiple ways of consuming beetroots. You can either add it in the form of salads, juice, smoothie, porridge, sabzi, raita and so on. You will slowly start enjoying the taste. Do ensure that beetroots are part of your diet and enjoy the benefits of it. Share your experience with us or let us know if you have any yummy recipe for the readers

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