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Silky smooth straight hair is not a distant dream anymore. now, more and more women are following the smooth straight hair trend and many have been going in for Hair Rebonding. Hair Rebonding is quite popular nowadays and everyone wants to try it for long-lasting smooth straight hair . But before you jump on the Hair rebonding trend wagon, let’s know what hair rebonding is actually and the Pros and Cons of the process. Presenting our article about hair Rebonding , and it’s process :

Hair Rebonding – What it is ?

We all have been born with our natural hair texture, which might be straight, curly or wavy. for years we have used heat and styling products to get straight hair but these methods are not long-lasting. If you have curly hair , you might see your hair returning to its original state after a few hours of straightening. To eradicate this daily trouble of straightening, and to get smooth silky straight hair many women are going in for hair rebonding.

our natural hair have their own cellular level bonding and thus their unique texture . In the hair rebonding process, our hair’s natural bonds are broken and then they are rearranged into straight hair. This way, the treated hair becomes soft, smooth and straight . This is a chemical treatment which breaks the texture and bond of your natural hair. Like other chemical treatments, it will have an effect on your hair.

Hair Rebonding is a tricky matter and only a trained and experienced hair dresser should be given the duty of Rebonding your hair. The process is lengthy and is a bit tricky so it is suggested that you depend on an expert for it.

Hair Rebonding -Process :

Here we present the process of Hair Rebonding in details with step by step procedures. The process of Hair rebonding  is more complex than straightening hair with a straightener and since it uses chemicals to change the hair structure, you should definitely get help from a professional before you start rebonding.

Here we have elaborately described the hair rebonding process for you.

Step 1:

healthy hair tips hairfall treatment

Shampoo your hair : The first step for Hair rebonding process is to shampoo your hair. We all accumulate dust and oils in our hair throughout our day and before the process begins, it’s necessary to wash off the oils and dirt from the hair . A mild shampoo and conditioner is used for shampooing hair. If you have an oily scalp or feel you have product buildup on hair, use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner.

Step 2:

It’s best to leave the hair to dry naturally.  But you may also use your hair dryer to dry your hair, but do not use high heat setting. Use the lowest heat setting or don’t use heat at all.

Step 3:

Parting hair : The dried hair is combed and parted in smaller sections . The number of sections your hair dresser will need to put your hair in is dependent upon your hair volume. If you have more volume there will be more partings,


 Step 4:

conditioner/ Relaxant applied: While concentrating on each parting of hair, a thick  conditioner or Relaxant is used on the hair. The hair is kept straight throughout the application using thin boards made of plastic. This process takes a bit of time as the relaxant is applied evenly to all the strands of hair .

This cream or Relaxant is the chemical that breaks the natural hair bond and it is the main step for hair rebonding. The amount of time this cream is left on the hair is dependent upon your natural hair texture and thickness.

On Normal wavy hair it might be left for thirty minutes . For thicker , coarse or curly hair the hair dresser might decide to leave it for a few more minutes but it must be kept in check that the maximum time limit mentioned on the product instruction is not exceeded.

Keeping the Relaxant for more than the recommended time might damage your hair.

Step 5:

Steaming hair : when the relaxant has been kept for the mentioned time, the hair is steamed thoroughly from root to tip. Steaming helps the conditioner/ relaxant to seep into the cuticle of the hair and do t’s work properly from the inside too.

Step 6 :

Wash off : Once the hair has been steamed for ten to thirty minutes (depending on hair texture) , it is throughly washed and all the Relaxant is rinsed out. After washing the hair is again blow dried.

Step 7 :

keratin lotion : After the last process is complete the hair dresser will check if you have any curly areas or waves left. A keratin lotion is applied to your hair and a straightener is used to iron away any wavy or curly hair strands

Step 8 :

Neutralising : When all the strands have been straightened properly it is parted like in the beginning and a neutralizer is applied. this neutralizer helps the hair bonds to stabilize again . The neutralizer is left on hair for a minimum of thirty minutes and then the hair is rinsed off and blow dried.

Step 9 :

Serum : Once the neutralizer is rinsed and hair is dried using a hair dryer a serum is used to give nourishment to your locks. This is essential because your hair has been through a very tough chemical treatment so you should provide it with a heavy nourishment like a hair serum.

Step 10:

hair rebonding process

Once the hair serum is applied and it is a bit absorbed by your hair, it is flat ironed again for the final time. This gives you the silky straight hair you always wanted.

Nowadays you do get hair Rebonding Kits available online and over the counter but we suggest you to depend on a professional for this. If done wrong, it can ruin your hair and damage it. When done in a wrong manner hair faces massive damages and many women see increase in hair hall. So , now that you know all about hair rebonding, go get your hair rebonding done and enjoy the smooth silky feel it gives to your hair.


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