Beauty Tricks For Flawless Makeup

Flawless skin is the desire of all women and women invest a lot of money into makeup and skin care items to make their skin look perfect. We all love some handy tips and tricks to get more out of our usual makeup and it’s nice to know some tricks to apply makeup perfectly. Flawless makeup application  gets easier if you follow these Beauty Tricks For Flawless Makeup .

Beauty Tricks :

Let’s move onto the tricks which will assure that you have the perfect flawless makeup look.

Prepare your skin for makeup

Always start with cleansing using a mild face wash that takes away the dirt and grime without drying up your face. Follow this with wrapping an ice cube in a face towel / Wash cloth. The cool temperature makes your facial pores appear shrunken. Follow this with a refreshing face toner. Oily skinned beauties can go for astringent, Instead. Next comes the moisturizer which should be light textured and Water based clean and clear lotions work good pre – makeup as it absorbs totally into skin without leaving hints of greasiness. Also, lactocalamine thus the dual job of hydrating skin as well as acting as a mattefying  base. Blot any excess oiliness by patting a tissue paper on your face and neck.

Makeup primer is the next in line. It acts as a shield for your skin so that the subsequent layers of makeup cannot harm it. It is not compulsory to apply a primer but if you do, your makeup would surely last much longer.

After your skin is prepared for makeup, it is time to prepare your lips. Apply ample quantities of vaseline on an old toothbrush and exfoliate your lips as dry and flaky lips are a big turn off.

Base make up tips

Now, we need some coverage. Everybody has some amount of patchiness or blemishes. Of course, they vary in grade. So, if you have a more or less clear complexion, congrats! You can pull it off with just a bb or cc cream. If not, no Worries, you can always look up to foundations. Choose your foundation in day light by applying it on your jaw line or your forehead and blend it to see whether it goes well with your skin tone. If you cannot come across the perfect shade for yourself, blend in a couple of shades to create one!!

The idea is to create a clear and radiant skin tone that does not look too cake like or mask like.

Two best ways to apply your foundation are: Either use your finger tips or use a foundation brush. If you are using your fingers, do not forget to warm up your palms first by rubbing them together. It is believed  that warmed fingers cause the foundation to melt somewhat and allow a more even application. , you have to pat the foundation into your skin in sections and not rub it onto your face. After you have covered your entire face and neck, blend in any harsh lines and merge in well along the jaw line and hairline.

Use a spot concealer on your acne marks and conceal your under eye area by using an inverted triangle shaped concealer. Also, conceal the imperfections around your nose and lips.

Next comes contouring. This takes a little practice to master but is capable of Adding lovely depth and shapeliness to your face. Use a bronzer or a foundation a few shades darker than your own skin tone. Use bronzer along your jaw line and hairline to create an illusion of oval face and sleek contours. Apply along the sides of nose to make your nose appear thin.

Apply illuminators on the region above the cheek bone proper. Also, highlight tip of nose, cupids bow of lips, centre of forehead and centre of chin. Blend well using a fluffy brush.

Set your makeup using translucent powder. This will make your makeup stay on for longer and would also prevent melt downs.

Eye makeup tips

Apply eye primer. If you are applying cream based eye shadow then follow it with a powder eye shadow in a similar shade to set it. As a general rule, a lighter shade is used on the eyelid proper and a deeper shade on the outer corner of eye and the dip below the eye brow bone. Blend everything together using a flat eye shadow brush using as little pressure as possible.

Use a highlighter on inner corner of the eye to open up your eye. If you have small eyes, the little trick that might work for you is to use a white pencil on your lower water line. This will create an illusion of bigger eyes. Also, avoid lining your lower eyelid.

Mascara is a product that instantly lights up your eyes so, you must learn the right tricks to apply it. Deposit maximum of mascara near the base of your eyelashes. It is the base of lashes that gives the illusion of volume. Keep your wand at the base of lashes and wiggle it slightly to deposit the product and then work your way up. When you are done, run through your lashes using a clean mascara wand to get rid of the clumps. On your lower eyelid, apply a clear mascara that would make your eyelashes appear voluminous without fear of smudging.

After applying mascara, you may blow some hot air using a hair dryer over your eye lash curler for 3 seconds and use this warmed up curler to curl your lashes.

If you have sparse eyebrows, fill in using a neutral eyeshadow.

Blush application tips

Nothing beats a flush of colour on your cheeks. It can impart your complexion a healthy glow like nothing else does. You need to know the right way to use it to avoid looking like a clown by overusing it or rather pale due to skipping the blush all together.

You should apply the blushes after you are done with the makeup up on rest of your face.

If you have oily skin then you must apply a powder or gel based blushes and dry skin beauties should opt for cream based blushes to illuminate their complexion. Also, while picking your blush try to use a shade that is very similar to the colour that appears across your face when you are actually laughing or felling shy or post a work out session. As a guide, spank one of your cheek and pick a shade that matches it closely by testing on your other cheek.

Never put too much blush in a single go. Use only a little blush at a time and build the saturation gradually. Also, to locate your cheek bone proper or the apple of your cheeks, do a fish face and apply on the part of cheek that is the most prominent.

Do not apply too close to the nose. Try to apply blush symmetrically on both your cheeks as far as possible.

Do not hesitate to invest in a fluffy, professional blush brush.

Lip make up tips

First of all, do not play with your eyes and lips at the same time. You should enhance just one depending upon your outfit and mood.

With Smokey eyes, nude lips always look good. Keep your eyes simple with, may be just a winged eye liner when you are wearing a bold lip colour like Red or Pink.

Always apply lip stick on moisturized lips. Use a lipstick brush for uniform application.

Never use a lip liner of a different shade than your lip colour. Instead, choose a lip liner that is just one shade darker than your filler colour.

Hide any imperfections in your cupid’s bow using a concealer.

To make your lips appear more plump add a drop of peppermint essential oil to your lip balm. Also, when you are done with filling in your lipstick, apply a dot of clear lip gloss on the centre of your lips.

Another way to make your lips appear full is to use two different lip colours that are from the same colour family but vary in saturation. The lighter colour is applied on the centre of lips and the darker on the outer corners. The two colours should merge with each other seamlessly.

Smear your front teeth with a little Vaseline to avoid staining them with a dark lipstick.

Fair skinned ladies should choose vibrant shades like Reds, hot Pinks and Bright Oranges to illuminate their face. Medium skin tones can go for Pink Blue cocktail, Earthy Oranges and Cherry Reds. Darker skinned beauties look best in Maroons, Browns and Plum shades. However, this is just a guideline and lip stick shade is a personal preference.

During day time, you may use neutral lip colours. For evening parties, Reds look the best.

Some more tips

If you are unsure as to which colours would go the best with your outfit or for your complexion, do some internet surfing and pick some pictures of models and celebs in similar dresses and complexion as yours and recreate their look. This can never go wrong as you have the end result pretty much in front of you and in majority of celebrity makeup looks, it is the professionals who are involved so, copying their look is by all odds, safe!!

Last but not the least, always carry face powder, a hand mirror as well as your lip stick for touch ups while you are out.

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