Korean Skincare Routine For Flawless Skin

Korean Women are envied for their flawless white skin and their youthful glow. You can hardly tell their age by seeing their skin , but is it all in their genes? No, Korean women have a very tried and tested skin care routine which is one of their reasons for getting beautiful skin. Today we spill the secrets of the Korean skin care routine and how you too can achieve the glowing skin with the help of Korean Beauty secrets. Korean beauty secrets are one of the reasons why Korean actresses and women have such flawless skin.

Korean skin care is not our 3 step cleanser toner moisturizer process and is an extensive step by step process which uses a large number of skin care items. Skin care is taken quite seriously and every woman is trained to take care of her skin from the childhood, which leads to healthier skin. You can try this Korean skincare Routine and get beautiful skin.

Korean Skincare Routine:

Skincare is of great importance to korean women who take care of their skin from an early age. Here are the secrets to their pore free , ageless white skin .

#1 Remove Makeup

It’s  fact that residual makeup can cause many skin problems like pimples, skin ageing, clogging pores etc and it’ best to remove makeup as soon as you can. Korean women start their skin care routine with the removal of makeup. They use an oil based makeup remover or makeup remover wipes to remove all traces of makeup from face and eyes. Use a waterproof makeup remover to get rid of the waterproof mascara and eye makeup.

#2 Cleanse

Double cleansing is a technique that is used in many Asian countries. Korean women use an oil based cleanser to cleanse their face. Many women believe oil cleanser will make their skin oily and prone to pimples but it is actually good for the skin. The oil removes any stubborn traces of makeup and then they use a foaming cleanser and cleanse the face again. This double cleansing technique ensures that there is no makeup or impurities left on te skin .

#3 Exfoliation:

though Korean women believe that on should exfolaite only a few times a week if you have oily or areas which need exfoliation regularly use a mild exfoliant on the target areas. Exfoliate thoroughly with an exfoliator to get rid of any blackheads or dead skin.

# 4 Tone :

Korean women mostly use collagen tones which are lighter and are usually free from any alcohol. alcohol dries the skin., forcing it to produce oil to compensate the dryness. The Korean version of Toners are more hydrating and prepare the skin for the next steps.

#5 Essence :

Many women from Western countries are still unaware of the thing called ‘essence’ . Essence is one of the most important steps in a Korean skincare regimen. It’s really effective and helps improve the cell turnover, so that you get brighter skin in very little time. This essence helps different skin problems like spots, dullness as well as fine lines.

#6 Ampoule :

An ampoule is a super concentrated version of our serum. Ampoules are rich in Vitamins and is heavier in texture. The essence targets the skin problems like age spots or fine lines and works to keep skin looking brighter . Ampoule also helps to make your skin firm and keeps the elasticity of the skin intact.

# 7 Sheet masks :

We’re sure you’ve already heard about sheets masks as they get more and more popular worldwide. Korean skin care brands have many different sheet masks , made to target special skin conditions like anti ageing, dullness or fairness or brightening sheet masks. You will find cute sheets masks from korean brands which include full face sheet masks, lip masks and under eye masks. these masks are infused with collagen and many vitamins to make your skin healthy. After you’ve applied your essence and ampoule , use sheet masks as they are known to give added moisture to your skin and force it to absorb the nutrients better.

#8 Eye Cream :

Your under eye area needs special care too , so use a hydrating and repairing eye cream every night. Korean women prefer tapping then rubbing or pulling as they say it disturbs the delicate skin under eyes. Even for their facial products they prefer gentle patting and tapping motions to help products penetrate the skin better. When you apply the eye cream gently pat the cream into the skin with your pinky fingers.

#9  Facial Moisturiser :

After Korean women treat their under eye area , they use a facial moisturizer. Korean women love layering their skin with different products to keep their skin hydrated all the time. For their facial skin they use an emulsifier or a light facial moisturizer and gently message it in. This step helps improve blood circulation on your skin. Don’t forget to massage your neck area as well.

#10 Night Cream :

Night creams are the second layer of moisturizer for your skin. You can use a heavy night cream to lock the moisture and goodness of the emulsion and keep your skin hydrated all night. The Korean night creams contain many active natural ingredients like bamboo sap, fruit water, fermented lotus extracts and more.

#11 Overnight Mask /Sleeping Pack :

Sleeping or Overnight Packs are heavy and many a times a bit on the stickier side. These Sleeping Packs help the skin to be highly moisturized all night , so that your skin is plump and glowing in the morning. These sleeping masks come in cream as well as gel formulations .


Daytime Skincare for Korean women also include using a good quality Sunscreen to block the harsh sunlight and use physical barriers as well as skin care products to keep your skin safe all day. Korean women invest quite a large amount on skincare as they belive it is a major part of their life and they follow their skincare ritual very rigorously.

Korean women also belive that more skin care is better than more makeup, hence rather than purchasing twenty makeup items, you can get these Korean skin care products to keep your skin healthy . Healthy , glowing skin is better than a made up face on all days.








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