Easy Homemade Lip Balm With Kitchen Ingredients

Looking beautiful is the best way to be confident. Beauty is always admired and appreciated. There are so many factors that adds to our beauty. Our skin, hair, eyes, lips body type, smile are all major factors that contributes to our individual beauty. Lips are an important aspect of one’s beauty and every woman wants to dress it up in pretty colors . But most cosmetics brands add chemicals and harmful parabens into their lip colors. But today we have the perfect solution for you , a recipe for Homemade lip balm with kitchen Ingredients.

Homemade Lip Balm :

There are many cosmetic companies that are successful in the market. They claim to make us beautiful and we are lured by the products. They have makeup products for every segment that would grace upon our beauty. You might have a beautiful smile, but it will not impact if you do not take care of your lips. The lips must be defined well as they will be noticed when you utter even a single word. We lead a hectic life and tend to ignore these tiny lips which impacts a lot in framing the personalities. You do not have to be dependent on the cosmetic companies to get the products. The natural products are always safe like Homemade Lip Balm. There could be many factors that would might be the reason for your lips to feel dried and damaged.

Reasons for Lips To feel Rough and Dry :

Smoking can lead to wrinkles on lips.

The fragrance added in some of the cosmetic products can damage the delicate skin on the lips .

The dry air in the atmosphere can lead to chapped lips.

If you do not apply sun protection cream on your lips, the UV rays will definitely damage the lips.

Different types of Parabens are added to Cosmetics. These Parabens are chemicals that are usually adding to the lipstick. It is harmful for the skin.

Chewing your lips often leads to lip problems.

Lack of proper diet can impact the lips.

Dehydration is a major reason for dry lips.

Consuming too much of camphor and menthol can also harm the lips.

How to make Lip Balm:

Making lip Balm is easy and with a little bit of effort you can make your own flavored, colored or scented lip balm that is paraben free, has no harmful chemicals and will keep your lips moisturised.

How to make Homemade Lip Balm :

The following is the recipe to make homemade lip balm:

Essential ingredients required:

A Dropper

2 Teaspoons of Lanolin

4 Teaspoon of Pure Sweet Almond Oil

4 Teaspoons of Cocoa Butter

Half Teaspoon of Pure Olive Oil

3 Teaspoons of beeswax

Half a teaspoon of Pure Honey

lip balm tubes or container to store it

4 drops of oil


The oil can be of your choice. You can choose eucalyptus ,vanilla, Jasmine, chamomile or any other essential aroma oils that you like.

Procedure to make Lip balm:

Take a pan and fill it with water. Set it to boil. Take a glass bowl and add beeswax to it. Measure the quantity as mentioned in the ingredients. Add lanolin to it. Now add 4 Teaspoons of Cocoa Butter to the glass bowl. Place the glass bowl in the pan in such a way that water doesn’t enter into it. The flame should be set to medium. Keep have a check over it. Take a spoon and keep stirring it till all the ingredients melt. Now add pure honey to it and mix them all well. Switch off the gas and take off the pan. Add the oils that you have chosen for your lip balm. You can also add 1 pinch of edible colour or food color if you want your lip balm to be colorful. Pour the freshly made lip balm in the tube or container and allow it to cool. You can use the lip balm on regular basis without any side-effects. You can also keep experimenting with different flavours and oil to make different lip balms.

 Lip Balm Recipe :

If you liked the previous lip balm recipe then how about you try the next easy organic lip balm recipe we have mentioned here.

Coconut Oil Lip Balm:

Coconut Oil Lip balm is a great remedy for chapped and dry lips. It is said to hydrate the lips by penetrating deep into the layers of the skin. It nourishes the dry lips. Coconut Oil Lip balm has natural healing properties and has proven to be effective since ancient times.

Coconut Oil Lip balm Recipe:

Essential ingredients required:

Coconut oil

Olive oil

Pure Honey

Procedure to make Coconut Oil Lip balm:

Take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in a small glass bowl. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to it. Add 1 teaspoon of pure honey to it. Blend them all together. Use a lip balm tube to store these ingredients which is now turned to a lip balm. This can be used any number of times during the day.

Homemade Lip Balm Recipes :

Glossy Lip Balm Recipe:

Essential ingredients required:

2 tablespoons of extra virgin oil

2 tablespoons of grade beeswax

25 drops of vanilla oil

2 teaspoons of Vitamin E oil

Lip balm Container


Wooden spoon

Steel bowl

Procedure to make Glossy  Lip balm:

Take a measuring cup and measure all the ingredients and set aside. The vitamin E and the coconut oil acts as a moisturizer. The beeswax is required to hold the ingredients together and  maintain the consistency. Take the saucepan and fill it with water. Set in on the gas and allow it to heat. Take a steel container and the vitamin E, coconut oil and the beeswax. Set the container in the saucepan in such a way that it doesn’t tilt. This is called a double boiler. You cannot melt these ingredients by giving direct access to the flames. Thus, it is better to use a double boiler. The water shouldn’t be entering inside the steel container or else the lip balm cannot be made.Let all these ingredients melt.Use a wooden spoon to stir them occasionally. Allow it to turn golden in colour. Now, pour the vanilla oil or any other oil of your choice. You can also add aroma oils as they have double benefits. These aroma oils add fragrance to the lip balm as well as heal the lips.You can choose the flavor from mild to very strong ones, depending on your likes and dislikes. The saucepan is still on the flames, thus keep stirring till your nostrils feel the aroma; once the consistency is of your choice, take the pan from the gas. Allow it to slightly cool. Add the lip balm in the lip balm tube or lip balm container when it is in molten stage. Allow it to set. Your lip balm is ready to use. You can use your fingers to apply the lip balm on your lips and massage it gently. Let the lips completely benefit from this homemade lip balm. The lips will be softer and nicer. You can also add food coloring or Natural colorants like beetroot juice to get a slight hint of color.

Tips to make lip balm:

Add  fresh flower leaves such as rose, Jasmine and so on. The herbs like mint and rosemary can also be added.

If you are planning to add aroma oils to your lip balm, try peppermint, vanilla essence, sweet almond oil and strawberry essence. Each oil has its own benefits.But befor you use them ensure that you aren’t allergic to any of these aromas.

If you have a tight budget and wish to add products from your kitchen, it can also work out. Use items like coffee powder, chocolate chips, cinnamon, lemon, cardamom and other spices that will help you in making your lips better.

Always use a double boiler in the lip balm making process.

Hope this article had been useful to you. Lip balms are a regular use cosmetic product. There are many brands that promote the lip balms. Why shell out cash, when you can give your lips the same care with an attempt to make the same lip balm at home? The above mentioned lip balms are very simple to make and doesn’t take a long time. You can try out with smaller quantities on an experimental basis. Once you are confident about the process, try out different flavors and aromas. Apply the natural lip balms on regular basis. The results will take time as it is a natural process. Do not lose hope and see the results by yourself. You will definitely start loving the product. These also make great Christmas or festive gifts and if you make these for your friends they will surely love the handmade gift.

Do share your experience with us. If you are aware of the other homemade lip balm recipes, do share it with us. we would love to hear it from you.

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