Yoga For Glowing Skin and Best Yoga Asanas For Glowing Skin

There are only a few people who have flawless skin . We all are a victim of skin problems in some or the other. There are times when skin problems become a reason for our mental stress as well. We try natural remedies as well as chemically enhanced products, but all in vain. If you are looking for a permanent and healthy solution, it should be something from Within. Yoga may turn out to the ultimate solution for a healthy skin. Yoga has proven effects since ancients days. It not only cures diseases but also helps in curing skin problems.

Yoga For Glowing Skin:

Yoga For Glowing Skin

How to Have Glowing Skin :

There are a multitutde of benefits of Yoga For Skin , and you can now know how to have glowing skin with the regular practice of Yosa asanas.

Benefits of Yoga For Skin :

A regular practice of yoga cleanses your digestive system and throws the toxins out. This leads to a glow in the skin. It reduces the dark circles under your eyes. It increases the blood circulation in your entire body.

Stress is the major reason behind the skin and health related problems. Stress leads to early ageing and wrinkle formation on your skin. The skin looks dull and dry. Yoga relaxes your mind and reduces the stress level. This has a great impact on the skin.

There are many possibilities of our skin catching up with infections. The bacteria and germs might damage the skin permanently. These infections must be treated immediately. Many yoga poses increases blood circulation level and ensures that the skin is properly supplied with oxygen and blood.

If you are insomniac and have troubles with your sleeping pattern, your skin is the first one to be affected. A good sleep is must for a great and healthy skin. Yoga helps in initiating sleep. There are many breathing exercises that can help you to sleep. Consult a yoga professional before trying out.

Yoga exercises tightens the skin and helps in skin upliftment. This will give a healthy look to your skin.

Yoga helps in skin toning and thus helps you look more young. It also tones your body and thus weight loss can be easily obtained by Yoga.

Yoga Asanas for Glowing Skin :

Breathing exercise:

Yoga For Glowing Skin exercises for glowing skin

Breathing can calm your mind and relax your skin cells. It has great benefit to health. Take a mat and sit on the floor` with both your legs crossed. Just close your eyes and relax. Breathe in through your nostrils at a count of 10. Hold it at  a count of 10 and exhale it at a count of 12. When you breathe in, let your stomach bulge out. When you exhale, the stomach should be flat. Just remember the balloon concept. Repeat this procedure for next 10 minutes. Follow this breathing exercise everyday.

Bow Pose:

exercises for glowing skin yoga asana for glowing skin

Lie down on your belly on the yoga mat. Keep your hands on your side and let your palms face upwards. Bend your knee to the buttock level and grasp your ankles using the hands. Let your entire weight be on the stomach. Pull your body gradually and let your upper torso rise. The body will look like a bow. Do not hold your breath. Keep the inhale and exhale process ongoing.

Yoga Pose for Glowing Skin :

Corpse Pose:

This is the most relaxing pose in the yoga program. Lie flat on your yoga mat. Close your eyes. Let the normal breathing process begin. Start inhale and exhale process. Focus on your entire body parts one by one. Relax them. Think about your negativity and throw them out. Use all the energy to convert your negativity into positivity. Just turn to your right side, stretch your left arm completely, fold your knee and get up. Sit straight. Rub your palms and generate the heat. Let the heat be absorbed by your eyes, ears and skin. Repeat it thrice. You will feel more relaxed. This asana should be performed at the end, only after all the asanas are finished.

Twisted seated pose:

Sit on the yoga mat in a cross legged position. Place your palms on the sides. Inhale deeply through your nostrils. Place your left on your right thigh and twist completely. Exhale while you are twisting your body. Stay there for 30 seconds. Turn to the centre. Now place your right hand on the left thigh and twist completely. Exhale while twisting. Repeat the same procedure for 10 more times. The twisted seated pose will help you to get a glow in the skin and also prevent skin ageing.

Yoga Asana for Glowing Skin:


It is little difficult to be followed as it requires an individual to stand on the head. It initiates the blood circulation in downward flow, thus major blood flow will be towards your face. This also helps in face lift as the body is against the gravity. There will be an increase in the supply of the oxygen which will help in the skin glow. Take your yoga mat or blanket and spread it on the floor. You can take the support of the wall. Kneel down on the mat and interlock your palms. Keep the elbows on the floor and rest your head in-between the interlocked palms. Inhale and exhale. Lift your body and form a mountain position. Slowly lift your knees and hips. Keep your body balanced. Slowly lift one leg and then the next leg. Stand firm on both your legs and breathe normally. Stay there for 2 minutes or so. Do not directly come down. Bend your knees, curl down, drop left leg followed by the right leg and slowly get up. You can be kneeled down for relaxation purpose. Do continue with the breathing process. This asana must be carried out step by step and under the guidance of an instructor. Do not hurry up as you will risk your brain.

Surya Namaskara:

yoga asana for glowing skin how to have glowing skin

It is the solution for all your health and skin related issues. Surya Namaskara has 12 postures and each posture has unique advantage to the body. It throws the toxins out of the body, de-stresses body and completely relaxes the cells. You can try Surya Namaskara early in the morning. Never try it out after sunset or late evenings. There will definitely be a change in the skin complexion once you start practicing Surya Namaskar.

Exercises for Glowing Skin :

Yoga tips for glowing skin:

yoga pose for glowing skin - how to have glowing skin

Yoga can be a boon to your life, if practised early in the morning for 30 minutes on a regular basis. It increases the blood and oxygen supply to the body, rejuvenates the cells, detoxifies the body and relaxes your mind. The following are some of the yoga tips for a glowing skin.

Get up early in the morning and drink 2 glasses of water on empty stomach. It will hydrate your skin and clear your bowel. The toxins will also be out of the body.

Metadate early in the morning to keep the stress away. Let your negative thought be exchanged with positive ones. You will be at your peace.

Add yoga asanas which increases the blood circulation in the body. Example: Sirsasana, Viparitakarani Kriya  and so on.

yoga for glowing skin 2

Be careful with what you eat. Avoid junk and oily food. Try adding organic food to your diet. Say no to non-vegetarian food and add more veggies and fruits to it.

Sleep for at least 8 hours. Do not compromise with your sleep as it has a great impact on your skin.

Quit smoking and drinking in case you are addicted to it.

Hope this article had been useful to you. It is always better to practice yoga under the guidance of yoga experts as they would be aware of the pros and cons of every aana. You can try out the simple yoga exercises at home. Do not hurry up with the results as yoga is a slow process. Yoga laso de-stresses you and helps you in controlling your emotions. Early mornings are the right time to practice yoga as the benefits are more effective on the body. Do try these wonderful skin glowing asanas and share your feedback with us.

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