Spring Fashion Trends 2015

Each new season brings about new changes and new additions to your regular fashion. Spring 2015 brings about some new trends coming in place of the old ones. What we mean is that Spring 2015 will see some changes in Fashion and style. There have been hundreds of new fashion ideas throughout the fashion shows in New York. Milan, London and Paris. We have picked out some of the most prominent fashion trends from the lot.Here we present some of the most prominent fashion trends for Spring 2015 so that you can sport the look for the coming season.

Spring fashion Trends :

70’s Fashion Makes a Comeback :

This Spring will indulge in some subtle 1970’s inspired fashion . The subtle retro touches include slightly flared pants, use of denim, retro lapel shapes and different color combinations. This spring chooses retro styled flared pants and jeans and play up the retro look.

Gingham :

Gingham makes a comeback to the Runways this year with many designers choosing this tablecloth fabric inspired print. The trend is not really new but it is being improved and introduced in different hues and styles . The Gingham prints will make for a great street style this spring.


Shirtdresses are very comfortable, everyone will agree to that – not to mention it can be really versatile. The shirtdress design borrows from the men’s shirt style and has been present on the runway since a few seasons. But this Spring season, Shirtdresses will become a great choice . With various cuts and slits the shirtdress is sure to become your most adventurous piece for the coming Spring.

Jeans and loads of it:

Jeans have made a comeback and it’s being used up for more dresses, trousers and jackets than we can keep a count of. Welcome stone washed, laced up, faded or rugged jeans made into beautiful fitted jackets, coats, jumpsuits or trousers. Some designs feature embellished jeans too, which could be a great choice for spring.

Suede :

This piece of fabric has made a comeback, keeping up with the retro feel in the air. The fabric has been used by many designers in pastel shades with a few designs in crossover tunes. Suede has been used in trench coats, boot cut pants, skirts as well as A line dress.

Show Your Sexy Shoulders:

Gone are the trends of wearing padded jackets and tops to accentuate your shoulders. Now, designers have made your shoulders the focus of attention with shoulder baring dresses . The One shoulder trend again rises and you can easily choose a sexy one shoulder dress for the prom or a simple date. Off the shoulder dresses have also made it to the ramps and one can be sure they are here to stay.

Sporty Influences:

Sportswear has been a deep influence for this year’s Spring Fashion trends and it has shown in the creations of many designers. Sporty fabrics and styles have kept the runway fashion looking casual and fresh. From lacing up styles to sporty details like zippers and sporty drawstring additions – the sportswear has been a good influence on this season’s fashion trends.


Stripes have been one of the most consistent trends spotted on all ramps across the fashion sphere. Bold and beautiful stripes are back and designers are playing up with the different types of stripes as well as the positioning of them in the clothing. The designers have played up the stripes with using them through the striped fabric as well as using them as a combination with other prints or plain colored materials.

Khaki :

Khaki colored trench coats, dresses, kimonos, poncho style dresses, etc. Have been quite frequent at the runways for Spring fashion trends. Many are finding a Wild Safari look through these pieces.


Fringes have been quite prominent on the runways with designers opting for movement this spring in the medium of fringes. The fringe style has been used to complement with skirts and dresses and are a great way to add some movement to your dressing.

Midriff baring:

You’ve been doing your Midriff exercises with enthusiasm ? Then the designers have listened to you and glorified the midriff for this spring. Midriff baring dresses and outfits is in vogue . Just wear a crop top over a long flowy skirt showing just a hint of skin at your midriff and you’re ready for spring .

Floral Motifs:

large and colorful floral motifs have never been so apt and beautiful for spring. The designers are using large floral motifs in the most string colors to present the air of spring.

Footwear :

Footwear for spring 2015 has to be a mixture of casual and chic. Flats, sneakers and slides are the footwear for the season. Comfortable is in so you can definitely stock up on those cute flat sandals or sneakers.

Shades of Yellow:

Yellow is the shade which has been quite popular at the ramp and you can bet that it will become even more popular for the coming season. Many of you might not still love this versatile color but believe us you have not yet found out your favorite shade that’s all. From sunset yellow to canary yellow to bold fluorescent yellow shades there’s a perfect shade for every skin tone. So go and pick up your favorite shade of yellow and get ready to face the sun .

High neckline:

Not only off shoulder styles but High necklines have also been re introduced for the Spring fashion. New buttoned down high neckline dresses and shirts are a welcome change from the overload of sheer. So bring those long forgotten high neckline dresses from the back of the drawer and enjoy them this spring season.

 So these were the most prominent spring fashion trends of 2015 which you should prepare for. Always remember that you should find the trend you are comfortable in because style is about comfort and it should be the topmost priority.

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