Fashion tips For Men

We all love to look smart and well dressed. We would ensure that we do not leave any occasion of being unnoticed. It is human tendency to be the best at whatever we are. Internal beauty is a must but the physical presence cannot be ignored as well. External looks and presentation does matter.There are ample times where our dressing sense makes the first impression. Be it our personal life or professional life, we are constantly being judged. Being in trend and following the fashion is must for both the genders. Here comes the need for

Fashion tips For Men :

Fashion is never associated with women always. It has an equal contribution in the world of men as well. The society has become challenging and so is our lifestyle. We constantly keep a check on fashion sense through media and magazines and thus try to inculcate the same in our life. The following are some of the fashion tips for men which can make a huge impact:

Do not shop alone:

This is the first step towards being a fashionista. Do not shop alone as you might get confused with the selection. The sales guy are there to assist you, but remember they work for a commission. The higher the price of a product, the more the recommendation from the sales executive. Ask a friend to accompany you who has some fashion sense or your girlfriend, fiance or wife. They know what suits you and can suggest accordingly. They can also help you to resist the tendency to shop anything and everything.


Right fitting:

Your dressing talks a lot about you. You might have liked something and might look great on you, but is either too loose or tight. Just choose something else. Do not opt for anything that is too large or that is too tight. Ensure that the clothes fit you and defines your body type. Alternations are an option but not a great option. The final finishing wouldn’t be that great as it would be in the original manufactured product.


Be quality focussed:

Do not compromise with the quality. I am not asking you to stick to the brands and shell out your hard earned money, but to keep quality a priority. You can even go with street shopping but ensure the quality is good. Poor quality clothes will not last longer and will not define your personality. There are ample chances that the stitches might get torn, buttons might fall off and the colour might fade. Hence, a quality check.


Casual vs office wears:

You need to have both casuals as well as office wears in your wardrobe. Your shopping should include both the types. While choosing for professional look, be careful with the colours and the pattern. Check if stripes is in trend or checks are in fashion and choose accordingly. You must possess a white and a blue shirt as it suits all the occasion and are acceptable for all the formal meetings. Go with some cool tees and casual shirts. The graphic designed ones are always in trend. You can opt for V-neck or round ones depending on your personality. Hoodies and polos also looks cool to wear.


Focus on your supporting pieces:

The first rule of thumb is to match your lowers and uppers. You cannot wear a navy blue trouser and a graphic tee. A white shirt and a black trouser is evergreen. Likewise, a blue jeans and a tee is always cool. Do not be completely in loud colours just to look like a clown. Ensure one is dark and the other is light. If you are wearing a tie, it should match with your suit or the colour of your dress. Keep it in contrast. If you are opting a third layer I.e; an overcoat or jacket ensure the colour goes with it. You can wear a leather jacket or a rugged jacket for a casual look. It goes well with a round neck tee as well.


Keep it simple:

Simplicity at its best is always appreciable. You should neither over do for an occasion or under do for the same. Try dressing as per the occasion. Do not accessorize too much just to be in the trend. Do not wear more than 3 colours on your body and target 3 pieces of jewellery incase you wanna add accessories. If you want a rockstar like look, go ahead and wear some hanging bracelets, big watch, a thick necklace or chain, big rings on your fingers. These will be noticeable. However, for a simple look do not wear anything which is too flashy or gaudy. A wristwatch, a simple chain and some rings would do good.


Invest in footwear:

It is said that footwears are the revealer of your social status. It has become a trend to look at footwear and judge the personality of people. Your footwear will give the finishing look to your dress and other accessories. Pople wash and iron the clothes to give that first impression, but fail to give the same importance to their footwear. Do not neglect it. Polish it regularly to give that clean look. Do not wear torn or mended shoes with an impression that it will not be visible. They can ditch you at any public place. You can go with boots for a stylish look, sports shoes or floaters for a casual look. A black or brown leather shoes with an inch platform also goes well. Do not forget to clean the interiors of footwear as bad odour might accumulate and harm your feet. Ensure that the socks are matching as well and do change them regularly.


Shave your beard:

Remember the bearded look of Ranveer Singh in Raasleela and yes we all loved it. It did give a rough and rugged look which became a trendsetter in the bollywood industry. However, a clean shave is must for an official look. There are companies which have made shaving compulsory, especially for the sales & marketing team. It gives a professional and decent look. Try out both the looks and see which suits you the most.


Experiment with your image:

Do try out the new looks and experiment with your fashion sense. The trend keeps changing and so must be your image. Do keep your basics right. Take some efforts to search the details or consult an image consultancy to help you with your look. Try out with different hairstyles as they can give a complete change to your look. Try a hair band or a ponytail if you have long hair. Curl them up sometimes or straighten them up for a change. Try that bald look also. How about ear piercing? Wear an ear stud to grasp the attention of people.


Update your fashion sense:

Keep reading fashion related magazines. Watch some videos or participate in contests if you think you fit into it. You can also contact image consultants or agencies that have wide experience in fashion. Subscribe to fashion related blog. Do a crash course to have a sound knowledge of fashion.


Seek Feedback:

The best way to know about self is to ask others. People will compliment you if you look good but they will not take the initiative if you look bad. Ask your near and dear ones on your looks, the new accessory or the new tee that you shopped. Check with your family members as well before stepping out so that you can improve on it.


Hope this article had been useful to you. Do try out the latest fashion trends and look cool and trend. Remember, dress as per occasion and do not over do it. A simple and classy look will never go unnoticed. However, you can make your own style statement rather than following the celebrities. Click a pic of your avatar and share it with us. We would love to have a glimpse of it.

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