14 Unbelievably Easy to Follow Tips For Beautiful Skin

We all want flawless skin and healthy hair. Appearance is very important for everyone and nothing speaks better than healthy skin. Many people are genetically blessed with wonderful skin but many suffer from severe skin problems. Our unhealthy lifestyle choices, excessive intake of junk foods, poor sleeping habits make our skin dull and unhealthy. Our fast lifestyle makes us miss the much-needed pampering and rejuvenation time for our skin and this leaves it in damaged condition. But there are simple ways in which we all can take care of our skin without spending too much on salon visits or skin care products. Since ages women have taken care of their skin without spas and expensive creams with the help of simple tips and tricks.

Today we present a few tips for beautiful skin to help you keep your skin healthy. These tips will help you to look your best without spending hours at the parlor. We promise most of these tips are really easy to follow and even with limited time you will be able to follow them.


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Tips for Beautiful Skin:

Beautiful skin is so easy to have if only you follow a few tips. Here are the Top 15 tips for beautiful skin.

Tip 1: Keep yourself Hydrated By drinking Water

Tips For Beautiful Skin drink water

Your body needs water to act properly and it is very good for our skin. The human body has large amounts of water and for the daily body functions it is necessary to keep up the bodily fluid content. Your body loses water through urination, sweat etc. so it is necessary that you keep your water intake at least eight glasses each day. Your skin and face is the mirror of your body and health and dehydration makes your skin look and feel dull and aged. When you drink water sufficiently you glow and your skin looks healthy.


If you’re on diet then water is your best friend as it prevents you from overeating.  Since water is calorie free you can have it as much as you want you can have it without stressing about calories. It also flushes out your Body’s wastes and toxins easily making your skin healthier and lessens the attack of acne.

Tip 2: Take Some Rest

Tips For Beautiful Skin sleep

Your body needs time to regain energy for the next day and it’s necessary you sleep at least six hours a day. In this time our body sleeps your skin regenerates new cells and makes you look better. Taking adequate rest makes you get rid of those pesky dark eye circles and eye bags. Not only your body but your skin also look refreshed and feel better after a sound sleep.

Tip 3: Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is an important part of your skin care and even though you want to skip it sometimes it’s wise not to skip it. Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and helps to avoid premature ageing and skin problems. Whether you stay indoors all day or stay in sunlight all day Sunscreen should always be a part of your regular skin care. Even if it’s cloudy it’s not wise to miss on sunscreen. Later on Sunscreen every day and keep reapplying it after a few hours to keep skin safe and protected from the Sun.

Tip 4: Moisturize

Whether you have a dry skin or not don’t skip your moisturizer. You may not feel your skin needs moisture but it really needs it. If you have dry skin, apply moisturizer before applying any makeup. After using any soaps and cleansers use a moisturizer. If you have oily acne prone skin get an oil free moisturizer or gel based moisturizer to keep your skin moisturizer. Proper moisturizer will leave your skin feeling glowing and healthy.

Tip 5 : Remove makeup before You Sleep

Makeup looks great and can make your features look more polished. But it is extremely important to remove makeup properly before you go to sleep. Many people are guilty of sleeping with makeup on. Makeup left overnight clogs your pores and blocks them which at last result in pimples. It’s always required that you remove your makeup using a proper makeup cleanser. If you have sensitive skin use baby oil or Vaseline and remove your makeup. Use a foam based cleanser to wash away any oil residue and end with a moisturizer before hitting the bed.

Tip 6: Exfoliate

The result of proper exfoliation is amazing. Exfoliation if done regularly removes the dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin. Dead skin cells make your face look dull if not removed through exfoliation regularly. It is really easy to exfoliate your skin with natural ingredients as well as products available off the counter. Exfoliate once every few days or use a gentle scrub each day and follow-up with moisturizer to keep your skin looking healthy.

Tip 7: Use less Makeup

You might not agree but smoking is not good for your overall health and especially for your skin. Smoking leads to dry skin and too much smoking causes your skin to look pale and lifeless. Smoking hurts your heart and respiratory organs and is not beneficiary for the body so quit smoking as soon as possible.

Tip 8: Stop Smoking

You might not agree but smoking is not good for your overall health and especially for your skin. Smoking leads to dry skin and too much smoking causes your skin to look pale and lifeless. Smoking hurts your heart and respiratory organs and is not beneficiary for the body so quit smoking as soon as possible.

Tip 9: Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Tips For Beautiful Skin eat vegetables

We already stressed on keeping junk food out of your daily diet and now we want to remind you how important healthy foods are. Fresh leafy vegetables and fruits really benefit your skin. Have fruits and vegetables as salads and to get your dose of Vitamins and antioxidants.

Tip 10: Cut down on caffeine

Tips For Beautiful Skin skip coffee

You may love your morning cup of coffee but believe us it’s not doing any good for your skin.Coffee causes breakouts according to some studies and causes acne. Coffee causes acne is several ways, such as, by increasing your stress levels. Also milk and sugar used for coffee drinks cause acne to come back. Dairy and sugary foods are bad for acne prone skin so skip that cup of coffee in the morning and keep skin healthy.

Tip 11: Take Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins are really good for the body, especially Vitamin A and C. Have vegetables and fruits rich in Vitamin A and vitamin D. If you feel you are not having enough Vitamins have a multivitamin or ask your physician to prescribe a supplement to help your body get vitamins. Adding vitamins and minerals to your daily diet will help your skin be beautiful for years.

Tip 12: Skip hot Water baths

Hot water baths are relaxing, but they are very bad for skin. The hot water leaves your skin dry and strips it off all the natural essential oils. So skip hot baths and stick to warm water baths and follow-up with adequate moisturizer.

Tip 13: Clean your Makeup brushes

If you get pimples at regular intervals then do check your makeup stash for the possible answer. Many of you might be using the same makeup brush for days without cleaning them properly. Makeup brushes have makeup residue on them and you can easily guess how easily germs can build up on the residues. When you use these infested brushes for the next makeup session you risk your skin of having pimples. To prevent pimples always clean your makeup brushes at least once every week thoroughly. After each use clean it with an alcohol based or any other brush cleaning solution. Wash your makeup brushes using mild shampoo diluted in lukewarm water and air-dry them to make them usable every week.

Tip 14: keep your makeup and Skincare products Simple

It’s always known that simple is better than complex rituals. Follow a simple skin care ritual and stick to products. Do not change skin care products very fast and wait for them to show results. Always choose skin care products based on your age, skin type and skin needs and always use clean hands to apply them. Also it is necessary that you keep your hands away from your face as much as possible as you always risk of infecting your skin with the germs on your hands or pick on a pimple unknowingly.


We hope these tips will help you get beautiful skin easily and fast. Simple tips like these may sound tough to follow but once you start following them and see positive results you will feel like following them afterwards too. We hope you are glad to get tips for beautiful skin. Now try these tips at home and let us know how well they worked for you.



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