Few Almond Milk Benefits for Health You should Definitely Check Out

Almond milk is used from centuries as it is low in fat and calories. It not only helps in weight loss process, but also provides the body with necessary nutrients. It is the energy booster. Almond milk also contains lipids and fiber which is a must for the body. The other vitamins that it contains are calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, zinc and sodium. Vitamin C, B6, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folate and vitamin E are also present in almond milk. Calcium is highly recommended for women as they have low levels of calcium in the body. 3 cup of almond milk per day can fulfill the requirements of calcium in your body.

Almond Milk Benefits :


Almond Milk contains lots of essential nutrients which are very essential for growth of our body. Not only is Almond milk ncessary for our Health, it also helps to keep our Weight in check. There are several benefits of almond milk ,and here are some of these almond milk benefits mentioned in details :

Benefits of Almond Milk :

When we talk about the Benefits of Almond milk, it’s a long list of Benefits tranging from many health benefits to Losing weight; so you can guess how beneficial Alomnd milk can be. Here are the Benefits of Almond Milk explained in details.

Helps to glow the skin:

Who wouldn’t long for a glowing skin? I am sure all the hands would have gone up. Almond milk is a great source of Vitamin E. These vitamins are antioxidant in nature, thus they fight with free radicals. They also protect the skin from sun damage.

Helps to keep the bones strong:

Deficiency of calcium can lead to several problems in the body. Osteoporosis can occur if you have weak bones. Arthritis is also a rising problem these days. Thus, calcium is a  must for the body. Almond milk can provide you with 30% percent of the calcium that the body requires on daily basis. It also supplies you with vitamin D. The healthy bones and your teeth can be taken care with the calcium supplied to the body.

Helps to keep your heart healthy:

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Almond milk has no cholesterol levels in it. It is free of saturated fats. It is a great source of omega fatty acids which is found very rarely in the food items. The sodium levels are low in almond milk. These all factors ensure that the blood pressure is maintained and do not rise up. The heart diseases are automatically taken care of once your cholesterol and blood pressure is normal.

Helps in weight loss process:

Losing weight is the dream of most of the women these days. The Obesity rate has increased drastically, leading to several deaths in America. There is 60 calories present in a cup of almond milk, whereas the whole milk contains 146 calories. It has less calories when compared to the skimmed and whole milk. Thus, if you haven’t started with it, give up the whole milk and go for almond milk. Consume it for a month and see the change all by yourself.

Helps in easy digestion:

Fiber is required to digest the food easily. 1 serving of almond milk has 1 gram of fiber in it. This leads to a great digestion process. The food that aren’t digested gets stored in the form of fats. This fat gradually adds to obesity.

Helps is strengthening of the muscles:

Almond milk contains proteins, vitamins, iron and many other components that helps in strengthening the muscles. It takes a great effort to build the muscles. A perfect diet with a better workout can add to your muscle mass. There are times when you carry out too much of physical activities, leading to muscle tear. Almond milk helps to repair the muscles and promotes healthy growth.

Lactose free milk:

When you add sugar to the cow’s milk, it is difficult to be digested, This is  a major problem faced by Americans. Almond milk is lactose free and thus can be easily digested.

Benefits of Drinking Almond Milk:

As we had seen benefits of almond milk now we will have some knowledge about pure almond milk. Pure almond is almond milk which does not contain sugar or any other sweet substitute. It is pure form of almond. Pure almond milk is very beneficial for those peoples who have diabetics.

In one cup of almond milk you will get 30 calories. The calories from fat is 2.5gm, calories from sodium – 160mg, Potassium – 35mg, Carbohydrates – 1gm, Dietary Fiber – 1gm, Protein – 1gm.  Almond milk contains Vitamin A – 10%, Calcium – 45% and Iron 2%.

Almond Milk does not contains much good source of protein and calcium thus people who are looking for protein rich milk then they can go for cow milk or soy milk.

Health benefits of almond milk

Maintains immune system:

A healthy immune system is required to prevent the germs and bacteria from attacking the body. There are high possibilities of diseases if your body lacks stronger immune system. The white blood cells in the body has lower stamina to fight with the bacteria, if the immune system is weak. Thus, almond milk can be a support to strengthen your immune system. It is rich in nutrients that works well for the body.

Has anti-cancer properties:

We unconsciously accumulate LNCaP prostate cancer cells by consuming cow’s milk. The research has proved that consuming almond milk can suppress the growth of these cancer cells gradually. However, do not be completely dependent on almond milk to cure cancer. Consult your doctor before making any change in your diet.

Can be substituted for breast milk:

A mother’s milk is very important for the infant and is essential till the infant turns a year.

If you are looking for a substitute, you can try out almond milk. It is said to possess all  vitamins and minerals that can be compared with those found in a mothers’ breast milk. It also has vitamin C and D. Almond milk also provides iron which contributes to the growth of the infant.

Helps in bone strengthening:

Almond milk is a source of calcium which helps in strengthening of the bones. It contributes 30 percent of the calcium level that the body requires on regular basis. Thus, consume 1 cup of almond milk on everyday basis.

Helps in vision improvement:

Vitamin A is required to improve your vision. We all lead a hectic life wherein we sit almost 14 – 15 hours in front of the computers. Apart from that, the smart phones keeps us occupied. These devices affect our decision in long-term course. Thus, add almond milk to your diet and provide your eyes with necessary vitamin. The vision will gradually improve.

Helps in strengthening kidney:

The minerals such as calcium and potassium can harm the kidneys if found in excess quantity in the body. Patients with kidney diseases should limit food that has high levels of calcium and potassium in it. Almond milk has calcium and potassium in a limited quantity and will not harm the body. The calcium and potassium found in dairy and soy products are slightly higher compared to almond milk. Thus, almond milk is advisable. If you are allergic to dairy products you can substitute it with almond milk.

Hope this article had been useful to you and have given you insights about almond milk. We have always been advised to eat 5 almonds early in the morning to increase the memory power. How about drinking almond milk in the early mornings? Now, you have far better reasons to drink almond milk on daily basis. The benefits are plenty when compared to the dairy products and other artificial products. There is no guarantee on the results. This is a natural process and it depends on the body type to show the results. Thus, patience is a must and do not expect immediate results. Do drink it for a month and share your experience with us. You can also provide us with more inputs if you wish to add more benefits of drinking almond oil.

How to make almond milk

Almond milk is very simple to be made at home. Soak few almonds overnight, so that it becomes little soft and can be grinded easily. Add the soaked almonds in the blender. Pour some water to it and blend it.  Blend it till the almonds completely gets crushed and a liquid is formed. Strain the liquid and pour it in a glass. Add sugar or honey as per your choice. Soaked almonds are always better than the unsoaked ones. If you do not want to go through this hassle, you can purchase it from the stores. The almond milk available in the stores has more additional nutrients. But, be careful with the expiry date during your purchase. There are flavored almond milk such as vanilla flavored, chocolate flavored, strawberry flavored and so on. You can either pick the plain ones or the flavored once. Drink it on regular basis for maximum benefits.

These were some benefits of almond milk. If you know some more benefits, you can share with us.

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