Enchanting Arabic Make Up Look

Arabic Make up or Egyptian theme inspired makeup is very seductive. The chief emphasis is on the eyes to add a lot of drama to the entire look. Arabic make up look is one of the most Bold and exotic makeup looks I have come across and have been inspired by. Below, are step by step instructions you need to follow to master the Arabic makeup look and look like a lovely, mysterious damsel right out of Arabian Nights. So, let us move on to the tutorial.


Arabic Make Up :

The basics of the Arabian Base Makeup

Okay, cleansing, toning, moisturizing can never ever be overemphasize. A healthy skin needs lesser makeup and the lesser the amount of product on your face, the better. This is a vicious cycle, actually!!

First of all, conceal the areas of your imperfections including: Discolorations, acne spots and scars using a cream based concealer, preferably the one that comes with a doe foot brush. This would reduce the amount of subsequent products required to get an even base.

While doing Arabic makeup, it is great to have some colour o your face as a little tan and bronzed skin looks the best with Arabic makeup. Pale skin would not look very interesting with this look.

So, you must apply a foundation closest to your skin tone or if you cannot find the perfect shade for yourself then you might do a little cheating by mixing equal quantities of a foundation shade darker than your skin tone with a shade lighter than your skin tone. The resultant shade would hopefully work out for you. We require a healthy dose of colour on your face and that is exactly why you should avoid BB and CC creams, which give a more or less sheer coverage.

Put some amount of foundation on the back of your hand. Use a foundation brush to apply an even, single layer of foundation on your face and neck. Pat into your skin using either the brush or your finger tips. You should be able to notice even, non patchy complexion.

Next comes the Bronzer application. It is capable of doing magic to your Arabian makeup look. Apply an even layer of Bronzer on the areas adjacent to your hairline, jaw line, on the sides of your nose, dip of your chin, the dip below the most prominent part of your cheek bone. This would define your facial features. Just in case you do not have a bronzer, use a foundation two to three shades darker than your regular foundation.

Use a fluffy brush to merge your foundation and Bronzer. There should be no harsh lines and the transition between different color patches should be smooth and seamless.

Blot any excess products and any oil build up by gently pressing a tissue over your T Zone.

Now, since you have spent so much time on preparing a radiant two shaded makeup base for yourself, it makes sense to preserve it for longer using a dusting powder to set your products. If your powder has a tiny bit of shimmers, it would be great. Mineral dusting powders usually have those! By the way, have you tried some base makeup products from Bobby Brown, they are fabulous

Eye makeup: Play with your eyes!!

About the eye makeup, In short, I would say, have lots of fun playing up with your eye makeup. In any Arabic makeup look, eyes are the centre of attraction. So, you can add a lot of drama in your eye area. So, make sure your eyebrows are well-shaped and tamed. Any obvious gaps can be filled up using an eye brow pencil or eye shadow in deep brown tone.

First of all, if you want to wear contact lenses, do it before starting your eye makeup

This is for two reasons, one, you would be able to see batter with your contact lenses in place and two, you would not spoil your makeup due to watery eyes. Also, hazel or deep brown or even sea green contact lenses compliment the Arabic makeup look very well since; Arabic dancers have magical and magnetic eyes.

Wait for a minute or two after wearing your lenses and let the watering stop. Wipe any moisture in eye region.

Start the eye makeup by applying your eye primer. This is very important as we want to add saturated colour to your eye lids. A primer would give the eye shadows something to stick onto and would also prevent your eye makeup from melting down.

After the primer, apply a layer of concealer over your upper eyelids to mask any discolorations and make the pigments of your eye shadow stand out nice and bright.

You can actually go crazy with eye shadow shades. As a general guideline , Arabic dancers are seen flaunting Bold and saturated shades in Blue, Green, Teal, Wine and a lots of metallic shades too like: Golden, Bronze, Silver, Copper etc. Smokey eyes in various colour combinations are a key element to Arabic eye makeup, too. From the pictures you would be able to appreciate the Bold use of Black on eyes. Black is extensively used in form of Kohl, eyeliner, eye shadows and what not!! Probably, this is because no other colour can define and highlight eyes the way Black can.

In the Arabic makeup look, Eyelids are thickly lined by Dark shades, mostly. The waterline is also done in Black most of the times. However, if you have small eyes you may use a White or Beige colour to create an illusion of wider eyes. You have got a lot of eyeliner styles to choose from. You might to a cat eye or a winged eyeliner or even a double eyeliner. Try out a few styles in your free time to figure out what suits your face, the most. Take your pick from Liquid or gel based liner as you want a Bold colour on upper eyelid. On the lower lid, you might use an eyeliner pencil for a soft, smudged effect.

Curl up your eyelashes with a curler that has been air blasted with Warm air for 3 Seconds.

Next apply coats of Black mascara. Go for duo mascaras that lengthen as well as volumize your eye lashes. Wiggle your mascara wand at the base of your eye lashes and then pull through the length. This would create an illusion of dense eyelashes and would also prevent clumping of mascara along the length of your lashes.

Using Fake eye lashes is optional but if you do it sure would enhance your makeup.

Lip makeup:

Tone it down; we do not want a lot happening on your lips.

We never do bubbly, bright shades with the Arabian makeup look. A popping Pink or Crimson Red would not work with this look. Bright shades have a quality of lighting up your face. With this Arabian look, we want to create an impression of mystery and seduction. So, it is imperative to keep the lips muted.

Your colour options could be Light Brown to Maple to Coffee to any shade in plum, as close as possible to your natural lip shade. The idea is to do your lips without taking away the attention from your eyes. It is better to use a liner first and then fill up the lip colour using a flat, lip brush.

You may or may not use a lip gloss. If you do, take a clear one. Correct any imperfections with a concealer to get a perfect cupid’s bow.

Cheek makeup:

Keep it minimal yet radiant

It is preferred to do your cheeks after your eyes and lips as it is easier to judge the saturation of colour on your cheeks. In the Arabian makeup look, a sun-kissed flush on cheeks is very appropriate. Try a creamy or mousse blush for a dewy sheen on your face. There are no hard and fast rules for which blush shade to pick. We suggest get a blush in Peach, Terracota, Rust or Cinnamon for that naturally tanned appearance. Do not go overboard with the blush.

So ladies.. This is pretty much, all that is you need to do for getting your Arabic makeup right. It needs some practice and a few hit and trials to find what colour combinations and patterns work out for you. So, do not get disheartened. After all, practice makes a woman perfect!! Yep, keep a few cotton swabs dabbed in makeup remover handy to correct any mistakes you might make while doing your makeup. Most of all, feel confident, it reflects in your beauty.

Although, no more makeup tricks and tips to share here, we would love to suggest you a few accessories that go well with the Arabian makeup look. You have to agree that no outfit or makeup is complete without the right accessories to compliment it. You may try a sleek head-gear or a nice chunky paasaa. A maang teeka could be an option too. Also, add an extra ounce of glamor you might add a semi transparent or net veil. Keep your hair styled in soft waves.

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