Makeover Tips For Girls

Looking beautiful is every woman’s desire, even if they don’t ay much efforts in it. Sometimes, with the fast lifestyle we make a certain rule or routine for everything like how we dress and even how we apply makeup. But, this regular routine makes you feel bored and same . if you’re feeling bored with your present look and want to spice things up a bit then Makeovers are what you need . If you’re looking for Makeover tips , be assured we have just the best tips to browse through .

makeover tips for girls

Makeover Tips :

Makeovers can be done in many ways, such as full look makeovers which mean you change the total look. It will include hairstyle , makeup, dressing style and more. We will guide you throughout the whole process. Just read on for the simple steps you need to follow:

#1 Assess What Changes You need

The first and foremost thing to do when you  are thinking of a Makeover, is to decide your priorities and needs. It’s written nowhere that you will need to change every aspect of your look to do a makeover , but it’s up to you to decide how much you want to change . If you’re bored with how your makeup is or how you do your hair, you may want to change your basic makeup looks or get a new haircut.

#2 make a list :

makeover tips 4

It’s easy to get carried away or be lost when you’re planning a makeover . So make a list of what you want to change and how you’d like to change each aspect of your makeover. For example, if you’re interested in a Hair makeover make a list of the looks or styles you find attractive from different online inspirations. If you want to change your hair color check out the different color options for you. If you’re taking help from a hair dresser ask her to suggest some options for you.

if you’re looking for a fashion makeover , make a list of the items you need to purchase and also see if you can use any of the present items from your closet.

Now we will move onto the various types of Makeovers:


#1 Makeover Tips : Hair makeover:

makeover tips for girls - hair makeover

You can give your hair a makeover by many ways like changing its color, texture or trying a new haircut. If you already have a style inspiration from the internet or magazine show it to your hair stylist and he/she can suggest if it will be good on you. You can also get your hair color changed . Changing your hair color is an easy way to give yourself a new look. Many light-haired women prefer darker shades like Black or Mahogany ,Dark brown or Red to change their look. If you have darker hair naturally you will need to bleach your hair to make it lighter and then try a lighter shade. You can choose red, blonde, brown, plum and many more shades. If you want to change the look of your hair by changing its texture then Perming or Straightening will be a good option.

Decide how much hair you want to chop off and how much you are ready to experiment. For ladies with long hair , you may want to keep your hair a certain length to keep it growing . Regular trimming is also necessary for hair health and you will get better results if hair is naturally healthy.


#2 Makeover Tips : Fashion /Wardrobe Makeover :

makeover tips for women wardrobe makeover

You can easily change your dressing or style and get rid of the boring look. For this makeover you will need to purchase a few new items to build up your new dressing style. You can use your older pieces and recycle them in other ways. If you can’t spare much money on your makeover you can get some really beautiful pieces at thrift stores at great prices. You can take a friend along with you, so that you can get an honest opinion about how each item looks on you.

Check for colors that look good on you select styles which flatter your figure . You can check online to get inspirations for possible color combinations. Check which type of clothing you are comfortable in , like casual clothing or more formal clothing. These choices matter and you must decide beforehand to make the makeover easier.


#3  Makeup Tips : Makeup Makeover / Look Makeover

makeover tips for women makeup makeover looks makeover

The final part of a total makeover is the change of your makeup or how you will do your face makeup. Makeup is important in terms of a total makeover as you will more easily fit in your new look , if you choose good makeup. For men, the choice will be to change how they trim their beard, or if they want to keep a stubble.

Makeup is consisted of some simple and basic items like base makeup, lipsticks, liners , blush, eyeshadow and similar items. You will need to match the makeup with your outfit, so for a casual look choose subtle colors , neutral and natural colors like pinks, peaches, greys, browns, off white etc for your eye makeup . For a more glamorous look choose bright colors like blue, green, golden, silver or metallic hues. If you want to keep it balanced yet girly , choose girly shades like pinks and peaches and also add some subtle metallic or pearlescent colors . If you want bold eye makeup then choose dark liners and if you’re looking for softer versions choose dark brown shades to line your eyes.

makeover tips for girls women

For lip shades women love pinks and there are so many different shades of pink to choose from. Choose subtle muted pink-browns for everyday wear as well as natural shades. Choose vibrant , neon or hot shades of pink, orange, peach or red for a more glamorous look .

Everyday makeup should not be too troublesome, so choose basic products like foundation or BB cream , sunscreen, liners, eyeshadow, lipsticks and blushes that you can use everyday. Try different looks along with your new set of apparel to see which look you prefer the most .

if you have a limited budget try out drugstore brands and find shades you like. There are many amazing products from Drugstore brands which will surely make the makeover process easier.

last Few Tips :

If you really want a makeover, start from the inside, and follow a healthier lifestyle. Drink lots of water, have less processed foods, Exercise, do things you love, celebrate life and this will be the best makeover you can give yourself.

Makeovers are fun and should be taken as simple change from a boring look. We suggest you make a list of all the things you need to change and ask your friends for help. Always take suggestion from your friends and have a happy time doing your makeover yourself.



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