Natural Looking Makeup Tutorial

Bollywood is one place that you can always look upto for some style, fashion and makeup inspirations. After the very popular, Smokey eyes trend and the bright lips trend, the latest makeup trend in B Town is the no makeup or minimal makeup look. The greatest advantage of this makeup look is that it is very quick, easy to do and very replicable as well as repeatable. You would not get tired of it as it is very close to your natural look. It goes well for formal as well as informal outings and suits about everyone, no matter what the age or profession. Right from School to Office to even a movie date, this natural looking makeup look is very versatile. It makes your face look fresh and youthful without going over the top with colours.

Natural Looking Makeup  :

Natural Looking makeup is a rage in Bollywood now a days since it helps you look naturally radiant and pretty. Too much makeup never looks appealing as it gives you a fake, mask like look. A good makeup should never make you look artificial instead it should make your skin appear as close as possible to your natural skin tone with a nice flush of colour across your cheeks. Natural makeup look does just that. It also covers up the flaws and patchiness of your complexion and enhances the best features of your face.

Below, you will read about the steps to get a natural makeup look and how our B town celebrities have flaunted this natural looking makeup during various award ceremonies and parties. Read on to know more…

How to get natural makeup look: step by step instructions

For a natural looking makeup, the key is to avoid anything too dramatic and stick to natural shades like: Beige, terracotta, coffee, Browns and peaches while doing your base makeup.

Base makeup acts as a canvas on which you will add some colour by playing with your cheeks, lips and eyes.

Start your makeup after you are done with cleansing and toning. After toning, put on your facial serum which is often directed towards Gaining specific benefits like  Anti ageing or decreasing the prominence of facial pores. Follow this with a very light textured moisturizer. Anything too oily would melt down your makeup so, stick to super light lotions.

Do incorporate the habit of exfoliating in your weekly skincare routine. This removes the layer of dead skin cells and makes your skin naturally healthy and also enhances the effect of your makeup.

After moisturizing, let the lotion get into your skin for 5 minutes before starting with makeup.

Apply a light textured makeup primer to help your makeup last longer.

Start your base with a concealer instead of tinted cream or foundation. You may take your pick from mousse or pan stick varieties. If you have some acne spots or acne marks to hide, directly dab some concealer over them. Under eye circles can be covered by drawing an inverted triangle below your eyes. The shade of concealer should be the one that matches most closely to your complexion under day light. After you have dabbed the required amount of concealer on the required areas, pat in lightly into the skin using clean finger tips.

Applying foundation after concealer ensures that you need very less amount of foundation etc. Follow with a BB or CC cream if you are going out during the day for a sheer coverage. If you are headed to a party or some occasion then you may use a foundation. Warm up your palms by rubbing them together. This would allow the foundation to spread better. Apply multiple dots over your face and neck and blend them together using your finger tips. Do not rub in much just pat to get the foundation into your skin. Let it stand for a minute.

Check if you need any more concealer in problem areas.

Dab on a tissue paper to remove excess products as they contribute to oiliness, later.

Next comes setting your base makeup. This can be done by dusting a setting powder lightly over your face to set your makeup. This finishes your base makeup and creates a translucent veil over your makeup. It would also control the greasiness in your T Zone and prolong the stay of your makeup.

You may now Start with your eye makeup after applying an eye makeup primer. Start with eye shadows by covering your lids in a soft beige shade. Powder shadows are best as they do not weigh down your lids and are non greasy so, quite comfortable to wear. You may add some depth to your makeup by doing the crease in a Coffee brown shade or chocolate shade. Illuminate the area under your brow and inner corner of eye using a white toned eye shadow.

Bold Black eyeliners do not look natural so, you may use eye pencils for a softer look. Colour options could be Brown or Olive. Instead of a sharp line try creating a smudged line to define your eyes and making your lashes appear dense.

You may or may not line your lower lid. Using a White kajal opens up your eyes. Choose Brown over Black for natural appearance. However, using Black kajal is not a no-no. It can still be used just make sure that it is smudge free and does not ruin your look later.

Opt for clear gel mascara to enhance your eye lashes and add length and volume. Deposit maximum product near the base if the lashes. Curl them using an eye lash curler next.

Make sure your eye brows are well tamed and neat. Fill in any obvious gaps using a brown eye pencil.

Skip your coloured lenses for a natural look.

Apply lip balm and let it stay for two minutes. Wipe excess.

Line your lips using the lip liner that best matches with your lipstick shade to define the cupid’s bow of your lips. Dark lip liner with lighter shades of lipsticks are a strict no!!

Lipsticks could be of subtle shades like Maple syrup, Light Chocolate or Pinks closest to your natural lip shade. Do not choose skin toned lipsticks as they dull down your complexion and make your face look corpse like and dull. Follow with a coat of clear lip gloss.

In case of pigmented lips, use a concealer for coverage before putting on the lipstick. This makes your lipstick shade stand out.

Do not do your lips and cheeks in same colour. If you have done your lips in Pink, do your blush in Coral Orange or peach. If you are going for a nude lipstick, do your cheeks in natural Pink shades. Do not go over board with colour on your cheeks. Start by adding a little in each step and do not take a lot of product in a single go. Do a fish face and apply blush over the most prominent part or the apple of your cheeks.

Do discover how much blush is enough, you might ask a friend to look at you from a distance. The blush should appear as nothing but a healthy flush of colour.

You may use a little bronzer on the sides of your nose, along your hair line and jaw line and also in the dip below your cheek bone to contour your face. Use a angled bone for contouring the cheek bone.

Bollywood celebrities sporting the natural looking Makeup look

You must have seen how picture perfect Kareena’s complexion looks flawless and even. The cheek bones look perfectly chiseled and the coral Orange colour on the apples of cheeks is very close to natural too. She did a right thing by not matching her lips with her Dress. Red lips would have been too dramatic for this look.

Natural looking makeup tutorial


Rani is indeed a queen of smokey eyes. In this look, she chose do to a softest possible version of Grey smokey eyes that look very appropriate for day look. Her base makeup is clean too. Hair are done very neatly and lips are in a shade that balances her look without making her face too dull. A coat of clear gloss adds life to her face.

Deepika looks so naturally radiant with her base up appearing dewy. The cheeks reflect light perfectly. She opted for a creamy bronzer in a shade very close to her own dusky skin. Out of the two looks, in one Deepika chose a very light maple syrup shade and in other she wears a matte Pink lipstick. Both the colours are muted but not pale.

Variations in the natural makeup look

The key rules are the same as what are described above. For a switch from day look to night look, you may play from Matte eye shadow shades to slightly shimmery ones in Bronze and Copper and also go for lip colours that are deeper and more saturated Browns.

So, did you learn something new about applying natural looking makeup from us?

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