Safe and Quick ways to lose weight Faster (Without Exercising)

Weight loss is the most desired and demanded one by all the human beings on earth. We would love to sneak in those body sticking clothes without any struggle. We would wish to climb the stair without panting and running short of breath. We have added it to our wish list after several attempts of trying to lose weight. For many continuously following diet and exercise is not an option. But believe us, it’s the only way to have a fit and healthy body and lose weight without an risks. The following are some of the quick ways to lose weight naturally.

Quick ways to lose weight

There are many ways to lose weight but here’s some quick ways to lose weight.

Quick way to lose weight

Follow the below mentioned vegetarian diet plan to lose weight at a faster rate.

The vegetarian diet plan:

The total calories to be consumed by an individual during a day should be 1800 calories. One must ensure the extra calories are burned out on everyday basis, else these will be stored in the form of fats. Once these fats are formed, it is too difficult to get rid of them. Hence, prevention is better than cure. Choose your food and count your calories.

Early morning diet:

Take 1 glass of lukewarm water and add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice to it. Add honey instead of sugar. Stir it well and drink it. This will burn your fats as well as it is calorie free. You can also for a cup of green tea instead of this juice. But stay away from sugar.


Take 2 pieces of idli with a bowl of sambar and little chutney. You can also add half a cup of low fat milk. You can also take 2 roti without ghee with lentil gravy. These can be taken on alternate day basis.

Mid-morning snack:

You can add a bowl of fruits to your diet. Do not overeat.


You can take 2 rotis and half cup of sabji of your choice. Add green salads to your lunch. If you are a rice person, add half cup of brown rice with half cup of sabji. You can also add half cup of raita or green salads to it.


Go for a green tea with few drops of lemon to it. You can also opt for butter milk if you like the taste of it.


It should be very light. Always prefer soup in your dinner. You can try out different soups everyday. You can also go for 3 slices of brown bread or upma as your dinner.  rotis can also be an alternative with little gravy. Take a call on your choices and eat accordingly.

Ways to lose weight fast


They are the major weight loss factors. Physical exercises burns the fats and calories that make us obese in nature. Exercising everyday will disallow the fat formation as the energy will be required to perform the activities. Join a gym, yoga centre, walk, jog, run  or cycle. Do Not skip exercises.

Drink Green tea:

We definitely need antioxidants to prevent the formation of free radicals in the body. The toxins a must be cleansed and thrown out from the body. Sip a cup of  green tea thrice a day to detoxify the body. Do not add sugar to the tea.

Reduce Sodium Intake:

Sodium prevents the water retention in the body. This adds to the body weight. Research has proved that excess intake of sodium increases the weight. Have a control on your salt intake. Do not sprinkle extra salt to your food.

Ways to lose weight :

Eat fruits and Vegetables:

Fruits are rich in proteins, carbonates, vitamins and other vital compounds . They help in digesting the food and supplies energy to the body.  They fill  the appetite and are low in calories.Add as many fruits as possible to your diet. A mixture of fruits will fulfill the different requirements of the body. Citrus fruits are must for the body. Apples, oranges, berries, bananas and watermelons are the most recommended ones. Add Green and leafy vegetables to your plate.

No Sugar Please:

Sugar is prone to create fatty substance in the body. It will add to the weight. Try avoiding sugar in beverages. Drink fruit juices without sugar. You can also substitute sugar with jaggery.

No Snacks Please:

Finger chips, cookies, burgers, pastries and other salty snacks should be away from you. Control your temptation. See the before and after results of snacking and you will be surprised.

Say No to Carbonated Drinks:   

Avoid fizzy drinks and packed fruit juices. They are high in preservatives and low in nutrition. The carbonated drinks add calories to your body, thereby increasing to your weight. Opt for fresh fruit juices.

best way to lose weight

Day 1:

It is the first day of your diet and you got to be very careful. Add only fruits to your diet on the first. You can take all types of fruits except bananas. Drink 8-10 glasses of water on the first day. Do not give up on your diet. Control your cravings and refrain from going to restaurants or bakeries. They will just tempt you.

Day 2:

It is meant only for vegetables. You can take any number of vegetables as per your choice. It can be raw or cooked one. Avoid usage of oil as it will add to calories. Eat as  many fresh vegetables as you can. Add cucumber, carrot, radish, beetroot and so on.

Day 3:

You are allowed to consume both fruits and vegetables on this day. Hurray! Stay away from bananas and oil on your third day of your diet. Drink plenty of water as you need to remain hydrated. Bananas are caloric in  nature, hence it should be avoided on third day of GM diet plan.

Day 4:

This is the day when banan can be consumed. Add 8-1o bananas to your diet and stay happy. Drink three glasses of milk. It is better to avoid sugar in the milk. You can take warm milk or cold, the choice is yours. However, avoid flavored ones.

Day 5:

You need to increase your water count on the fifth day as the uric acid in the body will increase. Take 1 cup of rice anytime during the day. You can eat tomatoes to fulfill your appetite. Keep a limit of 8 tomatoes throughout the day. Tomatoes are filling as well as nutritious. You can opt for brown rice if you like the taste of it.

Day 6:

Add 1 cup of rice to your lunch meal. You can add vegetables to your diet for the sixth day. It is better to increase your water quantity everyday. The 6th day is the combo of rice and vegetables.

Day 7:

This is the last day of your diet, do not give up. Take 1 cup of rice for your lunch. Do not cross your quantity out of excitement to see this fast ways to lose weight  actually work, it’s important that you stick to the diet. Add vegetables and fruit juices to your diet on this day. Check your weight the next day and you will be surprised to see the decrease in kilos. Stay happy. Do not hog immediately after the 7th plan. The body has gone through a cleansing process and it needs time to get back to normal.


Quickest way to lose weight :

quick ways to lose weight

There are many different ways to lose weight but these are the quickest way to lose weight .

  • Drink lots of water everyday.
  • Do not eat after sunset.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Say no to alcohol.
  • Stay positive.
  • Exercise everyday.
  • Do not eat junk or oily food.
  • Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables.

This article is written to help you out to lose weight in a natural and effective way. Do not expect immediate results. Follow the instructions and guidelines properly. Strict to you diet plan and do not give it up midway. Stay motivated throughout your diet plan and take it as a challenge. Your body is the best gift by Nature, do take proper care of it. Share your feedback us and let us know if the diet plans were useful to you.




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