10 Best Single Parenting Tips

Single Parenting is a challenging phase and it’s natural that most parents feel overwhelmed with the sudden change. If you’re a single parent then it’s natural that you feel lonely and take time to get used-to with the change of setup. You will feel stressed out and feel lost with the changes but it’s important that you are with your child through this transition.

it’s easy to feel lost in the first few months so today we have some single parenting tips for you , so that you don’t feel lost. You can follow these basic tips and if you feel that you need help from someone , it’s best to ask for help , as it will be the best to keep you feeling Ok.

Single Parenting:

Single Parenting

Single Parenting is overwhelming to many and some even feel lost in the transition . It’s important to make the process as easy as possible for your child , so that they can understand and cope up better with the changes.

#1 Feel Confident:

You might be broken from the inside with the separation or feel a deep sense of emptiness but you must gather courage. Your child needs to see that you are feeling Ok and are confident. There are a lot of uncertainty for the future but you must look confident. Tell yourself that you can handle these tough times and live life in a good way.

#2 Ask for Help :

Single Parenting 2

It’s an emotional rollercoaster since some time and it’s understandable that you feel depressed and sad about your relationship. You may miss your partner and feel n emptiness throughout the first few months . Belive us, it’s not only you , many single parent feel this way . This is really very common and if you feel too much stressed out or sad just ask for help. There are many online forums for single parents as well as you can talk to a counsellor who will let you know about the ways you can handle these strong emotions.

#3 Revised Budged

You must have made new budget and household expense list for the new setup. If you’re a mother and are raising your child with the maximum of financial expenses being borne by you, then you must make a list of the costs and expenses. You must have already made a financial agreement with your Ex and you need to make sure you use every dollar with planning. If you feel you have very less after the basic expenses , fret not as there are many ways to enjoy special time with your child within certain budget.

#4 Be There For Your Child:

Single Parenting tips

We understand that with the added responsibilities of being a single parent, you’re more likely t get busier with Work, taking care of the child , doing chores etc. But it’s equally important to be there for your child. Spend as much time you can with your family and keep your bond with your child honest and fun. If you are honest with your child and help him and stay by him in his important times you will surely be a good parent. Kids expect attention from parents and you must give him/ her amply attention .

#5 Answer Honestly To Changes

If your child is little and does not understand separation, at some point of time they will be curious about the changes in Family and why the other parent is missing. You must be honest with them and tell them the truth , but in an appropriate manner. Consider their age and be ready for questions like these. Don’t lie or scold them, be calm and answer their queries. this will help him to understand the situation better and also deal with the emotional changes.

#6 Handling Work and Family:

tips for Single Parenting

The most challenging part of the separation is that suddenly you will need to handle the stress at work and also support your family with time and affection. It will seem too stressful at first but you can apply for a flexible work timing. Your boss might give you a flexible work schedule , so that you can handle your family and work better. This change might just be what you needed to lower your stress.

#7 Discipline and misbehaving Children

When you go through a stressful separation , there are chances that your child might misbehave or do not listen to you . you must make new basic rules for them and make them follow it. If your children behave nicely then praise them and let them know what your expectation is about their behavior . If your child acts badly to get your attention avoid giving into them. Have privileges revoked when they misbehave and let them learn from natural consequences. You can learn moe about How to discipline your child and get him to follow your rules.

#8 Spend Family Time :

Single Parent tips

Kids love to engage in activities and family time and you should make it a priority to engage in family activities. Spend time reading together , playing family games, engage in physical activity like a walk together, dance together if that’s what you two like or listen to music. Anything that makes your child happy , you can learn to love and appreciate.

#9 Positive Attitude :

Keep a positive attitude towards life even though it might seem like the worst time of your life. If you don’t feel positive and take things in a good way it will affect your child. A positive attitude towards life not only makes things easier for you, but it also makes you accept the changes faster. many people have felt that with proper sleep, exercise and less stress helps one be more positive about life.

#10 TakeĀ  a break

Single Parenting 3

If you have a relative or friend who can take care of the child for a few days , then allow yourself some ‘Me Time’ . You can ask your friends to take care of your child for a day , relax with the free time, read a book, get some rest or simply meet friends over coffee. If you leave your kids at your Ex for a few days of the month you can definitely spend that time indulging in a short trip or a visit to your friends.

There are many single parents out there and it’s not the end of life and you will surely move on slowly. It’s important that you take care of your kids and keep this transition as easy as possible for them. If you feel lost , depressed or sad you should talk to a friend or relative or take help from a counsellor. It’s best to take life positively, what you feel as a great task will slowly become a very easy everyday task. So keep a positive attitude towards life and spend bonding time with your kids.

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