Common Diet Mistakes Everyone Makes but Should Avoid

Eating right is the key to fitness and it gives us healthy skin , mind and body. In Ayurveda food is considered as medicine which can cure almost everything. But many a times we make mistakes in deciding what is the right food for our health. There are many mistakes that we make when it comes to diet. Here I am giving you some of the most common diet mistakes made by us. A healthy body is necessary to kep your mind healthy and have a long life. Avoid these common Diet mistakes to get healthy body and mind.

Common Diet Mistakes :

Diet mistakes regarding weight loss:

1. Lemon:

Yes drinking lemon juice every morning in Luke warm water aids in weight loss. But it cannot do the job alone. It has to be followed with a good exercise routine and healthy diet. And one precaution that is to be taken is that people who suffer from the problem of acidity or ulcers or any problem related to body heat should not drink this as it would increase the problem.

2. Banana:

People often think that eating banana will increase your weight. This is a total myth. One or two banana a day can never increase your weight. If you are following a good exercise regimn, then banana can aid in muscle building and healing of damaged tissues. Additional benefit is that banana contains a lot of antioxidants which makes our skin healthier.

3. Diets don’t work:

Those celebrity Diets never work. Nor will those fast weight Loss diets work in the long run. The only way to lose weight is exercise. Even if you gain results from diet , they will be temporary. Losing weight through diet can also result in loose and sagging skin. And the only way to get rid of sagging skin is surgery. So it’s better to exercise and lose weight in a healthy way.

4. Day time naps:

Avoid sleeping in the day time as much as possible. It causes obesity.
5. Breakfast should not be your largest meal of day: Never eat heavy breakfast. Eat a big and healthy lunch balanced with fruits, vegetables, pulses and rice . Ideally lunch should be taken between 11am to 2pm. This is because our bodies digestive fire is highest at that time of day.

6. Chewing:

Thoroughly chew each bite of your food and swallow it completely before taking another bite. This way your food is half digested in your mouth only and you eat less. Also avoid eating while watching movies or anything else . Concentrate on the food and eat, it gives you the opportunity to savor the taste as well.

7. Don’t Stuff your Tummy:

According to ayurveda the stomach should be filled with 50% solid or semi solid food, 25% with liquid beverages sipped throughout the meal and rest 25% should remain empty or to be more precise left with air which is very important for the process of combustion. people who stuff their tummy with food till their throat will naturally have obesity problems. The stomach should never be stuffed , it should be filled in upto 50% with solid food only.

8. Drinks:

Remove alcohols, cold drinks , sodas , artificial flavors etc from your diet. These things really make you gain weight.

9. Dehydration:

Drink lots and lots of lukewarm water throughout the day. Drinking less water results in disturbed processing in body. We start feeling tiered a lot.

10. Begin the transition towards vegetarian diet:

Start limiting the consumption of flesh foods to once a day. We don’t suggest skipping meats and fish totally but limiting it oes help in weight loss.

11. Herbal supplements:

Start taking herbal supplements like eating Aloe Vera gel or Aloe Vera juice will help a lot in weight loss. Go to an Ayurvedic practitioner ask about it in more detail.

12. Sleeping less:

Sleeping less will get you nowhere in life. Always sleep for 6 to 7 hours daily. our body uses the sleeping time to prepare itself for the next day , as well as repair the damaged tissues and generate new cells. Which means, getiing adequate sleep will help you get more energetic as well as get good skin .

13. Over exercise:

Don’t overdo your exercise. Start by a basic 10 minute workout and gradually increase it to get good results. A 30 to 45 minute exercise is great to keep yourself healthy and fit.

14. Snacking:

Engage yourself in healthy snacking. Instead of chips and fried foods opt for fruits and nuts. Eat flax seeds, walnuts, almonds, peanuts -a handful is enough.

15. Night lover:

If you are a night owl then eat your dinner around 8 pm. This will provide you the fuel to work late nights.

16. Don’t avoid your favorite foods completely.

Though we suggest cutting down on unhealthy items , completely denying yourself of your favorite foods will make you feel miserable. Indulge in a bit of your favorite food itmes from time to time and get the inspiration to worout more and stay healthy. We also don’t suggest you to be too strict on yourself. We are humans and so sometimes just eat what you feel, but never overeat.

17. Follow proper diet during exercise

Just because you are exercising don’t think you can eat everything you want. In order to lose weight you need to Burn more calories than you eat. Most dieticians suggets a diet less than 1800 calories so keep a tab on what you are eating and it will help you see results sooner.

General Diet mistakes:

1. Eating wrong combination of food. According to ayurveda wrong combination of food like eating fruits with milk can cause toxins in the body. This should be avoided.
2. Eating large and heavy meals in the evening.
3. Eating left over foods in the refrigerator. Always eat freshly prepared food.
4. Eating very hot or very cold foods.
5. Over -eating , even of healthy foods can create toxins.
6. Eating dairy: People think that eating dairy products can cause acne. This statement is wrong. Just avoid eating sour curd and cheese. Butter is also fine. Unsalted butter(ghee) is very good for health and as you all know milk is a complete food and is very good for our body.
7. Eating heavily processed foods is very bad as well as they are costly.
8. Always try to incorporate natural plant protein and vitamins and minerals in your diet.
9. Eat according to the seasons and time of the day.
10. In summers take food that cools you from inside. We should avoid spicy food in summers. Eating foods such as watermelon, rice, whole breads etc in your diet will help you keep coll from inside too. Use spices which cool your body from inside such as mint. Drink barley water.
11. In winters eat food that provides you with warmth from inside. Drink herbal tea in the mornings and evenings. Exercise is must in winters.
12. Coffee should be avoided at all times . It is just a stimulant which disturbs the functioning of your sleep cycle.
13. Always clean the hands, mouth and feet before eating.
14. Remove red meat from your food altogether.
15. Eat whole fruits instead of fruit juices, the fiber in fruits aids in digestion and increases metabolism. It also helps in good absorption of nutrients in our body.
16. Completely avoiding fats is also bad. Our body still needs fat. There are many kinds of fats that are very necessary for our functioning for e.g. Omega 3 fatty acids are good for our body.
17. Never eat in a hurry. Chew your food proprly .
18. Quick stir frying, steaming and baking are best ways to cook vegetable.

So just follow all these diet remedies exercise and stay fit.

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