Top 9 Smokey Eye Mistakes to Avoid+ Tips To Do It Right

Achieving the perfect smokey eye and fluttery lashes is every girl’s dream. But while doing a smokey eye, the littlest things can mess up everything. You do one thing wrong and you will end up with panda eyes; Now nobody wants that. So today we’ll go through every step that you need to take care of in the way of getting fuss free smokey eyes.

Also mentioned below are some of the smokey eye mistakes to avoid . Most of these are mistakes that very girl is guilty of while doing a statement smokey eye.

Smokey Eye Mistakes to Avoid:

#1 Not using an Eye Shadow Primer :

A lot of girls don’t understand the importance of a primer. You might not see a difference in the beginning but as the day goes on, you’ll notice your shadow will start to crease and with a dark shadow on, it’s not a pretty look.

How to fix it:

Begin with moisturizing your lids. Before you use any foundation or concealer on your lids, Use a good quality eye primer all over your lids. Let in soak in by blending it well.

#2 Not using a neutral eye shadow as a base :

Usually girls just start with a dark shade while skipping a neutral shadow underneath. This ends up ruining the smokey eye effect. The transition from a neutral shade to a dark shade is not visible and your eye ends up looking like a mess.

How to fix it:

Before using the darker shade, use a neutral shade preferably a shade closer to your complexion. This will create a base for your smokey eye.

#3 Not setting the cream shadow:

if you’re using a cream eye shadow for a denser look, if you don’t set it with a powder it’ll settle in the fine lines on your lids and the whole look will fall apart.

How to fix it:

Take the cream eye shadow and spread it evenly on your lids. Then use a powder eye shadow in a shade closest to the cream shadow and pat in down. Don’t rub it in. Instead pat it down using a light hand.

#4 Visible Harsh Lines :

Another mistake that a lot of girls are guilty of is not blending well. And as a result your eye ends up looking like a mess.

How to fix it:

After applying the shadow on your lids use a small round fluffy brush to blend everything in. the last thing that you want is an incomplete look with harsh lines. Use the same brush on your crease and drag it in the middle using circular motions.

#5 Not curling your lashes/not using enough Mascara :

You might think curling your lashes doesn’t make much of a difference. But while dong a smokey eye, it’s a must to curl your lashes or using a curling mascara wand. Using a dark shade on your lids might end up looking like a fuss if your lashes are not well-defined.

How to fix it:

Take a voluminizing Mascara and start at the roots. This will make your lashes look even thicker. Apply two coats of mascara and then touch up at the tips to make them appear even longer.

#6 Not defining your brows

We always ignore the brows since Asian women have darker brows than their Western Counterparts. But remember they frame the eyes. Filling in and shaping them in the correct way makes an incredible difference in your look. So don’t forget them.

How to fix it:

You can either use brow powder or a brow pencil. Fill in your brows along the natural arch. But don’t overdo it as you don’t want your brows to overpower your eyes. And remember use a dark brown shade for Indian hair color. Even if your hair color is jet black, don’t use a black shade to fill your brows. It’ll look very harsh on your face. Use a color that is 2-3 shades lighter than your hair color.

#7 Not highlighting the inner corner of your eyes :

Now this is something that many girls forget about and it makes their eyes look really dull and small.

How to fix it:

You can either use a highlighter or the lightest shade from your shadow palette. Use a small brush and apply in the inner corner of your eyes. This will make your eyes open and bigger. You’ll be able to tell the difference.

#8 Not doing the lower waterline and lashes :

Many tend to forget the lower water line and the smokey look ends up looking incomplete.

How to fix it:

Use a nude or a white eye pencil and line your lower waterline with it. It’ll brighten your eyes. The darker shade that you used in the crease, use the same shade on a brush and swipe in just below your waterline. Now apply mascara on your lower lashes to finish the look.

#9 Not lining your eyes :

After finishing the look, many girls don’t line their eyes. But trust me it makes a lot of difference. A winged liner on a smokey eye will make it look even sexier.

How to fix it:

Preferably use a liquid liner or create a thin flick at the corners. For more drama you can always use a shimmery liner. It makes a huge difference.

Tips to get Smokey Eyes:

Any colors can be used to get a smokey eye. You just need three shades of a similar tone.

The key to a fuss free smokey eye is layering and blending.

Always use a transition shade in the middle of your lids. It’ll highlight the smokey effect even more.

The darker shade should be applied in the crease and the outer corner of your lids and then it should be blended in to the middle of the lids.

For a cleaner look, use a scotch tape at the corners of your eyes. At the end remove the tape and using a fluffy brush get rid of any harsh lines.

For a more glamorous look, you can add false lashes.

If you’re going for a darker look, you dark brown shade instead of jet black. It looks more natural and sexy. Black might look a little harsh on some girls.

Before doing your eyes conceal your under eyes. Either use a corrector or a full coverage concealer to get rid of dark circles if you have any.

If you’re going for a more intense look, use a shimmery base. Or add glitter in the middle of your lids at the end.

For a dense look, build up the shade by layering it and blending it.

If you’re using a different color (other than black or brown) to achieve the smokey eye, use a white base. The white base will help the shades pop and your eyes will brighten up.

If you’re afraid the powder eye shadow will fall on your cheeks and mess up with your face, then put a generous amount of face powder on your under eyes. When you’re done with your eyes, use large fluffy brush and dust off the powder.

Steps to get the Smokey Eye for Beginners:

Moisturize and prime your lids.

Pick a neutral shade on a shadow brush and pat in down on your lids.

Now take another color in the similar tone and pat it on the outer corner of your lids.

Take a round fluffy brush and blend the two shades in.

Take the same round fluffy brush to pick the darkest shade of the three and apply it in the crease of your eyes. Now blend it in to the middle of your lids. Then pick some more of the same shadow to and blend it in the crease. Keep layering the shadows until you reach your desired intensity.

Now use a gel or a liquid liner, line your eyes very closer to your lashes. For a more dramatic look, flick it at the outer corner. A winged liner goes perfect with a smokey eye. If you don’t want a well-defined line, you a brush to smudge the gel liner.

Take the darker shade and apply it on your lower lash line.

Line your waterline with a nude eye pencil to open up your eyes.

Now load your lashes with mascara. Don’t forget your lower lashes.

You can also use false lashes. Hold the false lashes and apply the glue on the roots in a thin line. Wait for half a minute so that the glue becomes tacky. Stick it on your lids as close as possible to your lash line. Set it and wait for a few minutes.

Now use a brow pencil or brow powder to fill them in. use a spooly to brush through your lashes. Now use a transparent brow gel to set your brows in place.

Use the lightest shade in your palette or a highlighter on your brow bone to highlight your brows.

Use the same shade in the inner corner of your eyes.

Now look for any harsh lines. If you find any, use the round fluffy brush to blend it in.

And you’re Good to Go! Go rock that Smokey Eye look and don’t feel bad if you’ve not been able to do it perfectly. Remember , practice makes perfect so keep trying.


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