Makeup for Wedding, Tips and Tricks

Want to look drop-down on your wedding day? I know what the answer is, everyone wants to look THE-BEST on the D-day because it’s your own and you deserve to look the best. So, here are some really important bridal makeup tips for getting a perfect makeup look flawlessly. These tips are handy for every bride.

Makeup for Wedding

Makeup for Wedding 1

These Makeup for Wedding tips will help you enhance your look even more and will give you confident on your d-day.

Book a pre-bridal

If you want a satisfied makeup look then it’s better to schedule a makeup trial before wedding. This is a very important step and many brides skip it but you shouldn’t. The trial will help your makeup artist know what look you actually want and she’ll add her bits to your look to make you look pretty. What if she does a smokey-eye look and you wanted subtle eye makeup? Instead of last minute panics just schedule a make-up trial.

Airbrush or Regular

Airbrush bridal makeup is in trend but don’t blindly go for it because it’s not for everyone. Airbrush will suit those who have oily skin, marrying in summer months and don’t have much skin concern because it gives sheer medium coverage. If you have problematic skin with scars, blemishes then don’t go for airbrush because it will not hide your flaws perfectly. Don’t just go for airbrush blindly without knowing what exactly it is. It is good and lasts longer but may not suit peo0ple who need heavy coverage.

Light moisturizer

Before doing makeup it’s very important to create a base and to apply moisturizer beneath. Other important thing is to use a light moisturizer instead of using thick one . It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, always go for light weight moisturizers. Heavy and greasy moisturizers can “slide-off” your makeup within 2-3 hours and you obviously don’t want that.


Primer is an absolute must-have to make your makeup stay for longer time and to make it look fresh. There is a lot of time between you start applying makeup and then say goodbye to the guests. To look fresh, radiant and to keep makeup intact using a primer is a must. Moreover, primers also smoothness wrinkles and hides visible pores.

Skip SPF

Anything with SPF contains titanium dioxide which can cause flashbacks and can ruin your photographs. So, AVOID everything with SPF in it; whether it’s your foundation or your powder. Obviously you don’t want to ruin your wedding photos with flashback. I have also heard that some mascara’s also have SPF and they can make your lashes look grey. So always check the product and avoid everything with SPF content.

First do Eye Makeup

Eye makeup should be applied first and then come back to full face. On eyes we use pigments that can fall out on your face and you obviously don’t want to ruin your face makeup. To avoid any such situation, eye makeup should be applied first and then you can fix the fall outs. If you applied the blusher before and then you do your eye look than half of the blush will stick to your palm. For eye makeup, use bold matte shades with shimmery finishes. Lashes and mascara should be your best friend because they play an important role in popping out your eye look. Blending is the key for perfect eye makeup.

Use Lip Stain Instead of Lipstick

Lipsticks are the preferred choice but some lipsticks and some shades don’t last long. Obviously you don’t want your lip shade to lose it intensity. So for a deep bright shade use a lip stain instead of lipstick on your wedding day. You can also use both in exact shade. First use the lip stain and then apply lipstick over it. This is a sure short way to make your lipstick last longer. Also keep the shade with you handy in your bag just in case you needed a quick touch up. If you are hiring makeup artist ask her to give you sample lipstick in similar shade.


Concealer is a must for a flaw-less makeup look but always use a concealer after applying your foundation. Concealers give heavy coverage so first apply foundation and then use concealer wherever required. Make sure all your flaws are hidden. There are special concealers for marks and redness so make sure you use concealers in different shades.

Stick to Classic

Don’t run after trends because they’ll look outdated in your photographs. Stick to classic makeup look so that you don’t regret seeing your pictures even after years. Trends come and they soon vanish. Just because a trend looks good on some actress doesn’t mean you should opt for it. It’s your wedding day; try to enhance your features instead of trying to become someone else.

Flushed look

For a flushed and fresh look use a cream cheek color. First apply the cream blush and then dust powder blush over it for a fresh and natural looking shade. This will also make blush last longer than usual. Don’t be afraid to use dark blush because photography will takeout some color on its own and the best way to overdo is by layering cream and powder blush.

Matte Lipstick

You can instantly turn any creamy lipstick into matte one by simply apply blush over it. Take a blush in the same color and pat it on top of your lipstick using finger untilits matte. It will also make the lipstick last longer than usual.


If you want to get sculpted cheekbones like Kim K then contouring is your best friend. Contouring can hide your double chin, can make your cheeks sculpted and can also thin down the fat areas of your face. The contouring shade should be always two shades darker than your skin tone. The basic idea of contouring is to just apply it on areas that you want to thin down, like below cheekbones, sides of nose and on hairline. Practice is important for contouring.


A healthy looking glow is a must have for brides but don’t go over-board with your highlighter. Don’t use highlighter all over your face to fake that glow. Just dab highlighter on high points of your cheeks and brow bones to cheat the glow. Don’t use highlighter on forehead or cupid bows because it can make you look oily with all those lightnings.


Fill in your brows with a pencil which is a shade lighter than your hair to emphasize shade. Never use black pencil to fill brows as it looks completely artificial and fake. Always use or tell your MUA to use light colored shade like light brown or some even use grey. Avoid making your brows look harsh.

Spray Tans

Spray tans are good but avoid using them on your D-day because they might not look good on you. But if you really want to use spray tan then try a look before wedding day and if it looks good then you can proceed.

Blotting sheets

If you are someone with oily skin or you sweat a lot then keep blotting sheets handy. Powder can also eliminate sweat but don’t layer powders instead use blotting papers. It will reduce oiliness and sweat without fading your makeup. It’s the most mess-free way to touch-up.

Moreover, start your skincare regime 6 months before your wedding day and follow these tips:

  • Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated.
  • Start exercise for 20 minutes daily for glowing face naturally.
  • Apply sunblock daily when stepping out from house for shopping and use umbrella.
  • Go for facial after every 4 weeks.
  • Follow a good CTM regime.
  • Switch to silk pillowcases and bed sheets.
  • Massage your skin with honey 2-3 times a week, it adds glow.
  • Eat healthy and reduce sugar and processed foods.

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